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New Face of Sexy Hair Is Global Icon, Marilyn Monroe

Anne Moratto | July 18, 2013 | 8:48 PM
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Rafe Hardy, Artistic Director of Sexy Hair, with Sloane LaMartina, Director of Communication
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Jennifer Wiederman, Michael O' Rourke, Karl Heinz Pitsch, Nicole Pelissier, and Rafe Hardy.
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Sexy Hair VP of Marketing and Education, Jennifer Weiderman, a Las Vegas Marilyn, and CEO of Sexy Hair Karl-Heinz Pitsch.
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With a clever invitation ("Sexy Hair will reveal its partnership with the sexiest woman of all time") guests at the Sexy Hair press conference during CosmoProf North America in Las Vegas learned that Marilyn Monroe will be the face of Sexy Hair's upcoming advertising campaign. Sexy Hair CEO Karl-Heinz Pitsch and VP of Marketing and Education, Jennifer Weiderman announced Marilyn Monroe as Sexy Hair's new 'spokesmodel' and centerpiece of their marketing and advertising.

"Marilyn has this global appeal and she continues to be revered by young people," said Pitsch. "If you go to her Facebook page, she has six million followers. She continues to inspire designers and brands with her image. Dior, Chanel, MAC have all referenced her in their advertising and in their new launches."

Sexy Hair has secured a multi-year exclusive licensing arrangement for the use of Marilyn Monroe's image in the haircare segment of the beauty market.

Sexy Hair Creative Director, Stephanie Gorenson, says that Marilyn is a "game changer" for Sexy Hair.

"Having these images to work with is beyond my wildest dreams. What is so amazing is that the original photographer is still alive and he has been wonderful.  We'll have several images to work with and each one is more beautiful than the next."

Look for the new Sexy Hair ads in September trade magazines as well as select consumer publications and on billboards.

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