Authentic Messaging Wins With Clients – Both Current & Potential
Authentic Messaging Wins With Clients – Both Current & Potential

In the Burning Questions feature in the November issue of SALON TODAY, industry experts tackled readers’ pressing questions about strategy for the year ahead. Below we spoke to Jayne Morehouse, president of Jayne & Company and the CEO of The Beauty Industry Report, about essential marketing tactics to keep clients and recruit new ones.

SALON TODAY: What kind of marketing do you recommend, if any, at this time to both current and potential clients?

Morehouse: Marketing during a pandemic can be tricky. If your regular clients have disappeared or are stretching appointments, it could be for a variety of reasons. Don’t assume you know why you haven’t seen them.

The good news is that with personal messaging and targeted offers, your marketing can help build stronger relationships with your existing clients while offering a warm, personal and authentic invitation that potential clients can’t refuse.

What is your message?

This is the time to focus on helping and caring. Holiday shopping officially kicked off on Prime Day. Is your salon well-stocked with gifts at a range of price points for teachers, Secret Santas and besties? Do you offer gift cards or better—contactless online gift certificates? Most important this year: Are you offering delivery? Brands like MAC have contracted with Postmates to offer same-day delivery from their boutiques for just $7.95. Finally, remind them that your salon is a safe space and let them know about any special steps they must take, from waiting in their car to wearing a mask.

Build strong connections

People are on edge. This is the time to be human. Communicate as if you’re having a personal conversation. An email newsletter is an easy way to deliver your message. If you don’t have an email list or don’t like to write, use video! You can share your message via a short video or a series of short videos that you and your team shoot on your phone and insert into your newsletter, send via text or email and/or post on your social media. During a customer service seminar I attended recently, one of the speakers shared that he texts three clients a short video of him with a personal greeting every day. By the end of the week, he’s touched 15 clients. This has increased sales, and more importantly, referrals.

It’s all about being human

The more emails or videos you and your team can customize, the better—perhaps for your top 25 clients based on loyalty or spending. Have a more generic message for others. Finally, shoot a different message to introduce your salon or spa to potential clients and through social media.

You can repeat these same steps all year to stay connected. In these challenging times, saying, “We care about you,” is everything.

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