5 Ways to Remind Your Team to Wear their Masks
5 Ways to Remind Your Team to Wear their Masks

Wearing a mask day in and day out is one of the biggest burdens of the pandemic. Wearing one can limit your ability to communicate with guests, express emotions, cause you to fatigue earlier and even cause acne. Your team members may try to avoid wearing one or simply forget from time to time. 

So how do you encourage your team to wear their masks without sounding like a jerk? Jason Everett of High Performance Salons offers the following ideas: 

  • Call a team meeting and explain the scenario of a potential health department employee showing up to your salon, and have a conversation around what could happen. This could be open more for a discussion instead of a speech. Remind them what it was like when the salon was shut down for a few months.
  • Get some branded masks for your team, and make it part of your salon's uniform. You could also encourage them to mix and match their masks to match their outfit. Even tell them to "glam up" their mask to make it more fun to wear.
  • Encourage your team to think of a fun word like 'pineapple,' for example. Instead of asking them to “Please put on your mask,” replace the word ‘mask’ with your fun word as more humorous way to remind them.
  • Incentivize them. If you don’t have to remind an employee to put on their mask all week, they can have their name put in for a drawing for a shampoo/conditioner set, gift card or styling tool of their choice.
  • If all of this does not work, you could take it to the most extreme and enforce a fine or penalty of some sort. Some salons have a swear jar, this would be a mask jar. If someone is not wearing their mask, they will have to donate $1 to the jar as a penalty for not wearing it.

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