The Final Week of Data-Driven Salon Experience Demystifies Complicated and Confusing Metrics
The Final Week of Data-Driven Salon Experience Demystifies Complicated and Confusing Metrics

In the final week of presentations for the virtual conference Data-Driven Salon Experience (October 26 at 11 PST/2EST), it’s all a numbers game.

We’ll be studying some of the metrics owners often overlook in their business—areas that they ignore because they are complex and confusing. We’ll unravel some of that confusion and help you discover some hidden wealth in your business—and we’ll focus on the important metric of client count.

Read about each free session and hear from the speakers themselves:

First, Amanda Olusanya, owner of The James Irving Grooming Room in Minneapolis will share what she learned about launching a successful YouTube channel. She’ll explain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in terms you’ll understand and show you how the digital world can drive more traffic into your salon.

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Next, Rosy Salon Software’s Boyd Relac and Rachel D’Angelo and Salon Ninja’s Andrew Finkelstein delve into the complicated world of credit card processing. They’ll explain those pesky junk fees that pop up on your monthly statements and divulge what credit card processing companies don’t want you to know, before showing you how you can save money today.

And, finally Salon Owners Laura Boton, Antonio Solimeno and Ronni Whisner dive into the power metric of client count. At a time when client counts are trending down as some cautious clients haven’t returned to the salon, their presentation is timely and critical. They’ll share their own pandemic numbers and discuss strategies for driving this important metric.

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