Loving Your Brand
Loving Your Brand

Remember when you launched your brand? Remember the excitement, the infatuation you felt for this cool new entity? How do you feel about that same brand today?

As relationships evolve, so should your branding. Sometimes the literal newness wears off—your logo may have been trendy back then, but now it’s outdated. Maybe your branding doesn’t fit your current status; for instance, if you launched on a shoestring budget with a “make do” logo, it probably doesn’t reflect the clout your brand has built up through the years.

Or your brand has taken on a life of its own and your current clientele, team culture, and physical space don’t match what your branding presents to the world.

Maybe deep down you know your brand needs updating—but the idea of a total overhaul is too overwhelming, and expensive, to consider. So you keep putting it off.

If any of this sounds familiar, good news: The relationship counselors at IM Marketing say you can rekindle those honeymoon feelings for your brand. You have options, and best of all, there’s never a better time to make a much-needed improvement.

The logo for Salon & Spa on Railroad in Eagle River, WI, is an example of a successful Logo...

The logo for Salon & Spa on Railroad in Eagle River, WI, is an example of a successful Logo Refresh. 

The Logo Refresh

Maybe your brand doesn’t need a full-body makeover, just some Botox. That’s a Logo Refresh. But beware, it’s not for everyone.

A Logo Refresh focuses on touching up your logo, as that is the essence of your brand personality—the unifying symbol of who and what your business stands for. A logo refresh maintains a visual connection to how the brand identity was seen before. It maintains some elements of the logo that made it successful in the first place, but changes others in an effort to modernize it.

These changes usually include just one or two of the following:

  • A new font
  • A new or updated icon
  • Expanding/tweaking the color palette
  • Adding or editing a tagline

While a refresh is more affordable than a full redesign, the caveat, you absolutely must still love something about your logo for it to be enough.

The Rebranding: Letting Go and Starting Over

When do you know if you need to start from scratch. Here are some telltale signs:

  • Your business has evolved beyond your current message and identity.
  • Your current brand is just plain dated, and not in a good vintage way
  • Your brand message doesn’t reflect who you are or how you want to be known.
  • Your competition is evolving and updating, and you’re not.
  • Your brand identity is inconsistent.
  • You can’t find something you still love about your current logo.

As you think about your rebrand, consider these points:

  • Brands are about feelings. When you walk into your business, what feelings do your surrounding evoke? Your branding should stir up those same feelings.
  • Rebrands breathe new life into your company. Has your business made significant changes? Your branding should reflect that.
  • Branding raises awareness about your business. It’s challenging but necessary to stay contemporary and relevant. If more people should be talking about your brand, but they’re not—it could be because your branding doesn’t create the buzz your business deserves.
  • As consumer behavior advances, so should your brand. Successful companies are always working to adapt to what consumers want, and convey they are focused on current needs. Does your brand reflect what consumers like?


Here is the rebranding for The Colour Bowl Salon & Wellness Spa in Mequon, WI. The owner wanted...

Here is the rebranding for The Colour Bowl Salon & Wellness Spa in Mequon, WI. The owner wanted a new, contemporary logo with the theme of color an impactful element, as hair color is their speciality. 


Many salons hesitate to commit to a rebrand because they struggle with a key dilemma: Is rebranding really worth the time, money, energy and logistics?

If the points you just considered make you concerned about the state of your brand—the answer is yes, it is worth it. your logo is the first impressions and it either grabs someone’s interest or it doesn’t. Modernizing a logo shows you take branding seriously and convinces potential new clients that you’re still relevant.

Major elements in a Rebrand include:

  • New logo
  • Fresh color palette
  • Custom brand elements (design embellishments)


Take a look at the before and after rebranding for Willo Aveda SalonSpas in California. The...

Take a look at the before and after rebranding for Willo Aveda SalonSpas in California. The salon wanted to modernize its logo with a classic, clean design. 


Design matters—and the right messaging counts. A powerful brand is both visual and verbal. Your brand will help your salon be seen and known. As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted businesses worldwide, savvy companies seized the opportunity to redefine or clarify their purpose. It was and is the perfect time for a fresh start.

Want a free brand consultation?  Consultants at IM Marketing will take a look at your brand, ask you questions you may not have thought of and consult with an art director to help you settle on your best option. Email hello@immarketing.com for a complimentary session.

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