With countless beauty professionals out of work while their salons are shuttered, not only are their commissions gone, but so is a valuable part of their income—tips.

The salon tipping app Tippy recently introduced Tipit Fwd, a virtual tip jar that is a simple way that salon clients can reach out and support their favorite service professionals through these challenging times—with both tips and encouraging messages. And, while Tippy is rolling the feature out to their current customers, their goal is to offer TipIt free to anyone who may benefit.

Here’s how it works:

  • Tippy sets up the salon/spa with an account, and the salon’s team members download the Tippy app.
  • Tippy provides the salon/spa with an email and an embedded link to share with clients.
  • The salon’s customers open the link and are presented with photos of all the salon’s service professionals.
  • Clients can tip the service professionals, and also send them encouraging message.
  • The tips land directly in the service professionals’ personal bank accounts.

“In just one day, we saw what was truly phenomenal—our site was overwhelmed as were we,” says Tippy CEO and President David Tashjian. “From the tips to the encouraging messages to the pouring out of what’s most important through these times—that we all stick together and that we all help one another. It’s the simple things we do that can bring smiles and hope to so many, and it’s the hope that matters most.”

Tashjian believe these times are a generational market—a time that will help shape our children’s views and lives forever. “There can always be a positive even in the worst times, so don’t let this opportunity go by. Let’s make lemonade out of the lemons we’ve been dealt and use these times to show our children what’s really important in life—helping family and friends.”

To learn more about Tipit Fwd, visi meettippy.com/tipit-fwd/

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