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Aches and pains are a common problem for busy stylists, as well as their clients. Lindsay Solomon created HempBeauty CBD-infused products with this in mind. Here, she offers four solutions for sore stylists and their guests while at the salon, and after they get home.

Relieve Hand and Wrist Soreness:  Apply HempBeauty Muscle Relax Pain Cream to achy hands and wrists twice a day. Rub a small amount into sore areas in the morning before work. The extra strength lotion with 125 mg of CBD will soothe inflammation while the moisturizing formula packed with antioxidants and aloe vera will help relieve itching and moisturize dry, overworked skin. This cream is also ideal to incorporate into a manicure or pedicure treatment!

Relax Back Pain: Cutting, washing and blow drying, can cause overworked muscles to become stiff and sore. Roll on the relief with HempBeauty Good Vibes Relief Roller.  With 150 mg of CBD, this fast-acting liquid combination of CBD, lavender and magnesium penetrates deep into tender tissue to offer relief. 

Soothe Sore Soles:  It is no secret that stylists are on their feet all day; aching feet, ankles and calves are common ailments. Try rolling some HempBeauty Just Chill Body Oil on to the bottom of tired feet and over calves. Rub the fragrant oil into the skin, concentrating on pulse points and sore areas.

Relax and Rewind: The best way to end a long day is to soak in a warm, relaxing bath. Increase your zen by tossing in a HempBeauty Bath Bomb, which is rich in moisturizers for your skin and has the added benefit of 35 mg of CBD, plus peppermint and eucalyptus oils to refresh and revive your senses. 


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