Sam Villa ArTeam Member Anna Peters offers some tips for juggling work and kids from home during...

Sam Villa ArTeam Member Anna Peters offers some tips for juggling work and kids from home during the COVID-19 crisis.

Working at home has many challenges…staying focused and motivated, structuring the day to maximize productivity…but can it actually be done with kids running around?  Anna Peters, Sam Villa ArTeam Member, was ordered by the state of California to temporarily close her salon, and just like many others is trying to juggle work and family from home.   Through trial and error, here are some things that are working.

"It’s a challenge for me to work at home, but my girls Charly (8), Bennett (19 months) and Kaliana (5) are so inspiring and I’m really enjoying this newfound time with them.  I’m also trying to get caught up on all the amazing digital education happening out there! Our businesses may be closed, but we are only getting stronger - #SamVillaCommunity,” says Peters.

  1. Try to do as much as possible and the one or two things with the highest priority while little ones are napping. Prioritizing is important, I used to try to do a little of this and a little of that whenever possible, and I was just left feeling overwhelmed with not much accomplished. Now, if I can at least get one job completed a day, it’s a win and my mind is more focused. 
  2. Let your kids play with mannequin heads, my kids love it!  Give them some brushes and pins they will stay entertained for a good amount of time. If they’re old enough, let them use some curling irons and really go to town!
  3. Map out a portion of the day where they have to follow direction - put them to work on homework, puzzles or have an older sibling read to the younger ones.  It makes the older child feel important and it frees up time to focus on work

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