3 Salons Boost Prosperity with Technology
3 Salons Boost Prosperity with Technology

A new year is the perfect time to assess your salon technology. When you do, consider this: for over 30 years, Millennium Systems International has been at the forefront of technology, developing innovative solutions tailored to beauty and wellness businesses. Thousands of business owners have found success with Meevo 2’s advanced capabilities. From online booking, to enhanced mobility and the Central Office data management system, Meevo 2’s cloud-based growth platform delivers everything needed to run and grow any size business or franchise—all in one place, from anywhere. Here’s how three salons have achieved greater prosperity, thanks to Meevo 2.

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The team from Mango Salons in the Richmond, VA, metro area.

The team from Mango Salons in the Richmond, VA, metro area.

Multi-Location Partner

Mango Salons operates four salons in the Richmond, VA metro area and has been a Millennium client for more than 14 years. Co-owner Patrick Heaney explains, “As an organization operating multiple salons, Meevo 2 helps us prosper in many ways.” Among them:

  1. Central Office, All-In-On Hub for Multiple Locations. “Meevo 2 provides a powerful central database management system--the Central Office--for all of the complex data files required to support our operation (clients, employees, services, products and other data). Many of our guests patronize multiple locations so the ability to access, update and maintain central client data enhances our salon customer service.”

  2. Global Smart Centers. “Meevo 2 has multiple functions that help manage our business, like Smart Centers. Smart Centers provide great daily performance measurements on all areas of our business. Key reports can be setup on a Smart Tile, based on location and employee groups, so when they log into Meevo 2 for their shift, they can see key results for a given time period.”

  3. Analytics. “The various reports in the Meevo 2 menu help us review our progress and plan our future growth. The Employee Key Performance Indicators and the Employee Productivity reports provide great reporting for our stylist/designers to assess their career-path progress. Other critical reports that we use daily are the Register/ Sales reports and the Sales Detail Report. These help our managers and accounting department input into QuickBooks for daily reconciliations.”

  4. Marketing Integrations. “One of the great features of the Meevo 2 system for our brand is the ability to integrate Meevo 2 with robust applications to market to our guests. EMMA email marketing provides easy CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) campaigns for emailing promotions to our guests. Another valuable integration has been eGift. When we introduced eGift, we promoted a special for guests purchasing eGift Cards online. In the that first day we sold over $10,000 in eGift Cards.”

“Above all else we have enjoyed a long relationship with (CEO) John Harms and the Millennium team and we value the company’s honesty and integrity," Heaney adds. "It’s important to partner with a company that supports our growth.”


Melissa Williams, Director of Operations, Gould’s Salon & Spa

Melissa Williams, Director of Operations, Gould’s Salon & Spa

Mobility for Modern Leaders

Gould’s Salon & Spa operates 11 locations and two cosmetology schools in Memphis, TN. As a Millennium client for almost 10 years, Director of Operations Melissa Williams immediately recognized the value of mobility. “Meevo 2’s cloud-based functions have opened a whole new world,” Williams says, “It allows our staff to log in from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Our owners can log in and see real time sales numbers and staff reviews with ease and changes can be made for our staff instantly on schedules or booking issues. Meevo 2 works whether you’re logging in from a PC, an iPad or an iPhone.” Specific pluses for Gould’s include:

  1. Managing Global Data. “Thanks to the Central Office, our clients are now streamlined across locations instead of us having to maintain a separate file in each location. This makes client notes, intake forms and histories readily accessible. Meevo 2 works well for a service provider who may perform multiple jobs such as massage and esthetics or for staff members who work at multiple locations.”

  2. 24/7 Accessibility. “The increase in implementing online booking has been amazing. Now clients can book multiple services at multiple locations for multiple people, all in the middle of the night if they want.”

Leader in Education and Online Booking

Studio 33 Salon and Spa in Columbus, OH, has found success with Meevo 2’s Online Booking. Owner Tammy Hurley has experienced immediate results with the cloud software. “I was excited to experience robust reporting, the ability to execute email marketing and online booking directly within Meevo 2,”  Hurley says. “Clients demand online booking, and in the past year, we have seen a significant increase in appointments booked with online booking.” And there’s more:

  1. Advanced Training Capabilities. “One of our biggest wins has been the ease of front desk training that Meevo 2 offers," Hurley adds. "There is a walk-through help feature that takes the user through every function such as check-ins or booking an appointment in real time. It’s super helpful in training on every basic or advanced function. We’re so much more efficient; front desk staff training time has been reduced by 75%.”

  2. Support When You Need It. “Meevo 2 helps us be more profitable with their ongoing support," Hurley says. "When we made the switch, I had a dedicated project manager from the company. They walked us through every step of the way. With Meevo 2, it’s like having a partner in your business.”

Meevo 2 streamlines every management function.

Meevo 2 streamlines every management function.


More Reasons to Love Meevo 2

  1. Mobility. Thanks to Meevo 2’s 24/7 mobile capabilities, owners and managers can manage employees, view real-time data and respond to clients from any touch screen device. If enabled, team members can provide responsive customer service that enhances the guest experience and builds loyalty. “Meevo 2’s cloud-based ease really sold us,” Williams says. “I have been at dinner, logged in from my phone and updated a schedule, made a change for a service provider and even booked someone’s appointment.”

  2. Marketing The EMMA Email Marketing suite integrates with Meevo 2 to deliver meaningful, personal messaging to clients. It offers automated campaigns, templates, email analytics and more of what busy salon owners need to stay connected to existing and prospective clients. “We can set up regular emails based on specific rules,” Heaney says. “For instance, we set up a rule in EMMA to identify new guests who have not returned to Mango in the past 30 days with no future appointment, inviting them to return for a visit. This campaign has succeeded in recapturing 50% of our new guests.

  3. Smart Center tiles display real-time data and live metrics, which motivates staff to top their personal bests each day. “You can customize Smart Tiles for every salon department,” Hurley says. “I have mine set to show each stylist’s retail unit sales for the month, for example. They can log in and see how much they’ve sold for the day, week or month and they can keep track. Same with their service goals. Now they’re engaged with their numbers and we’re seeing definite improvements in their sales.”

  4. Inventory Control. “Meevo 2 helps us manage our inventory by reducing out of stocks and improving our inventory turns,” Heaney. “Our managers use this system to manage all of the ordering, receiving and periodic inventory counts to control our retail and backbar inventories. Using an iPad, inventory counts can be easily and accurately scanned to ensure accurate counts.”

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