Shawn Wiley and his barber Johnny Marciano celebrate his new hair growth.

Shawn Wiley and his barber Johnny Marciano celebrate his new hair growth. 

People rarely talk about their own hair loss and thinning, but when they do, stylists frequently are the ones whom they confide in about how devastating the consequences can be to one’s quality of life.

While it’s important for salon professionals to have a rudimentary understanding of the reasons for hair loss and when to direct a client to a medical professional, it’s also critical that they arm themselves with information, products and techniques to help clients on the path to improving scalp health, hair growth and looking their best to help them regain self-confidence.

On a path to improving hair health, product manufacturer Mereltä turned to nature for inspiration. The company discovered special microalgae, pioneered the science, developed the technology and created a nourishing scalp treatment that restores the scalp’s health safely, while promoting increased hair density.

Mereltä’s flagship product is Root Renewal, a serum that nourishes the scalp and transforms limp, fragile, thin hair into thicker hair with body and flow. Scientifically formulated and dermatologist-tested, Mereltä’s scalp serum is proven to revitalize hair to its authentic fullness and brilliance with more volume, improved texture and renewed softness.

Here, three stylists share the hair loss tales of three clients and the help they found with this new scalp serum:

Client Rosemary Tessier not only noticed her hair growing back, she appreciated the additional...

Client Rosemary Tessier not only noticed her hair growing back, she appreciated the additional softness and shine. 

Rosemary Tessier—A Return to Fullness

Rosemary Tessier’s hairdresser, Vicky Keer, at Phoenix Salon Suites in Florida, was the first to notice her hair loss, and it left Rosemary worried sick. “Using the Mereltä’s anti-aging scalp treatment daily for serval months, I got my hair back, with added softness and shine,” Rosemary Tessier. “I love how easy, light and weightless it is on the hair.”

After working with Rosemary, Keer made her own observations: “I am impressed. For Rosemary, Mereltä Root Renewal was effective in promoting thicker hair with more volume. I notice hair loss with quite a few of my clients nowadays, and would happily recommend it.”

When stylist Barbie Braccia first noticed that that the bald areas on her client Michele...

When stylist Barbie Braccia first noticed that that the bald areas on her client Michele Stokes's scalp were filling in, she thought she might have had a hair transplant.

Michele Stokes—Seeing is Believing

As professionals, stylists know firsthand that the most precious truth about everyone’s hair is hidden under the surface, within the scalp.

“Between stress and getting older, my hair was thinning and friends noticed small bald areas sporadically around my head. It was distressing,” says Michele Stokes, who started using Mereltä and gradually noticed that her thinning hair was less noticeable and her hair appeared thicker.

“When I saw Michele after she had used Mereltä for a few months, I thought that she must have had a hair transplant. Her hair was healthy and thicker, like I have never seen her hair before,” says Barbie Braccia of Barbie’s Hair Solution in Massachusetts.

A before and after of Shawn Wiley.

A before and after of Shawn Wiley. 

Shawn Wiley—From a Male Client’s Perspective

Women aren't the only clients complaining about thinning hair: “I was upset that my hair was thinning. After a few weeks of using Mereltä Root Renewal daily, I noticed my scalp was darker and my hair thicker and healthier. I haven’t stopped using the product and nothing less than fabulous has come out of it. Now, I am very confident about my hair,” says client Shawn Wiley.

Johnny Marciano, owner of Marciano’s Barbershop in Massachusetts, tells us about Shaw, his long-term client: “Shawn showed thinning, and receding. It happens with age, and Shawn is in his 30s. Recently, I noticed that Shawn’s hair is thicker and bulkier, and the crown of his head had filled in. I never saw such results before. I learned that Shawn has been using the Mereltä serum for months. I can definitely see the difference. His hair has a natural shine, is thicker, and more manageable, the same way it was years ago.”


While clients are seeking efficacy with Mereltä, many also appreciate that the product is cruelty-free, plant-based, and easy to use. Mereltä’s Root Renewal is free of sulfates, parabens and silicones. It is weightless on the hair, and can be used in combination with other hair care products.

“Mereltä’s new scalp treatment is efficient in reducing shedding and restoring thicker and healthier hair. This algae-based treatment safely increases aesthetic hair density, hair strength and shine,” says Joseph Greco, president of Greco Hair Restoration Medical Group.

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