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Lucas Renfroe Helps Salons Develop their Digital Strategies

by Stacey Soble | August 30, 2019
Lucas Renfroe of

Lucas Renfroe of

Successful salon owners knows that when it comes to business, it’s best not to go it alone. In the 2019 SALON TODAY 200, 55 percent of owners reported they have worked with a professional business coach or consultant in the past three years.

To help owners and managers learn about the different focuses and capabilities of a variety of salon advisors, SALON TODAY hosted a Coaches and Consultants Showcase at the Data-Driven Salon Summit held in May in Atlanta. Each coach prepared a short Ted-Talk style presentation and we recorded each one to create this virtual guide.


Lucas Renfroe, 
Lucas Renfroe, co-founder of, shares how his business began and how it can help salons get new clients. Lucas teaches salon owners about the benefits of having a solid digital strategy, and he believes having one can revolutionize a business, like it did for him. Knowing the numbers is half the battle, Lucas says. Meet Lucas Renfroe, and find out how can help you grow your salon business.

STAMP 2019: Blo's Print Ad Raises Eyebrows

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STAMP 2019: Blo's Print Ad Raises Eyebrows

by Stacey Soble

Bryan Nunes, owner of Blo in Raleigh, North Carolina, is comfortable riding the edge of controversy. When he wanted to create an ad that would stand out among other salon ads in a local magazine's "Best Of" issue, he played with his brand and got both clients and future prospects talking.


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