Millennium Systems International, provider of Meevo 2, one of the leading cloud-based growth platforms built exclusively for the beauty and wellness industries, is proud to highlight its texting platform service partner, Textel. 

Textel offers powerful business texting solutions, giving clients the ability to text utilizing their business phone number, providing customers with the flexibility to reach salons and spas the way they feel most comfortable. Business owners can leverage the power of Textel to reduce appointment booking times, elevate client customer service, and increase employee communications. 

For more than 30 years, Millennium has remained a leader in the salon and spa software industry, supporting growth for their beauty and wellness clients. As first in the industry to offer Online Booking, they continue to develop partnerships that fill a void in the industry. 

Millennium's Meevo 2 brilliantly integrates with Textel to reduce no-shows by offering last-minute appointment reminders, improve customer service by quickly responding to client inquiries, and manager off-hours requests by setting up auto-reply messaging.

"We have found that fewer mistakes are made via text and the process requires significantly less time compared to a phone call," says Textel client, owner of The Kura Door Spa. "I'm convinced that online booking and texting will quickly eliminate 95 percent of phone calls." 

In addition to scheduling appointments, clients and business owners experience increased efficiency at the front desk. "Textel saves our salon approximately $13,000 a year in labor and payroll fees," explains Michelle Steimann of Ginger Bay Salon and Spa. "We are able to respond to five texts in the same amount of time that it takes to complete one phone call."

Textel also offers a modern contingency plan when emergencies occur. "In a two-week period, we lost power at one of our locations and our flagship location lost phone and internet service for almost four days. Textel was the only way we were able to communicate with our clients," says Textel client Scott Miller.

"Partnering with Textel enables Millennium's salon and spa businesses to reach their clients faster with a robust and reliable business texting platform," says Andrew Clark, director of product development for Millennium. "This powerful text integration will elevate productivity, reduce no-shows, and ultimately drive more sales."

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