The 3 Must-Have Weekly Salon Reports You Should Be Reading

byChris Brennan, Phorest salon marketing specialist | July 26, 2019

As this industry rushes even further into a new digital age, salon owners can now instantly access pretty much any data they need about their salon, their staff and their revenue.

The problem is, with all of these facts and figures at our fingertips, how do we know what information to track? With all of the responsibilities busy salon owners must juggle, where should we focus our attention? 

With that in mind, we wanted to put a list together of three of the most impactful reports that salon owners should be looking at on a weekly basis that will help you properly grow your business, your client list and your profits! 

KPI Report

First things first, if you are not reviewing a KPI report weekly, then you absolutely cannot miss the next couple of paragraphs!

With a Key Performance Indicator report, you will have a document in front of you that details every top-level piece of information you need to know about: From the average revenue of each client visit to the percentage of clients who have already rebooked their next appointment.

By tracking this one KPI report, you will have a constant 360° view of the main figures that are driving your business. And more importantly, if you start to see a dip in these figures, you will be able to take action before it starts to radically affect your business.

Staff Performance Report

Now that you have the central figures under control, it’s time to make sure that your staff are delivering the type of service and quality that your clients expect. That’s where a Staff Performance report truly shines!

Like most software management programs, Phorest Salon Software has numerous types of staff reports available in Phorest Salon Software. But the one that we think is indispensable on a weekly basis would is the Staff Performance Overview.

This one document details how many clients have visited each employee that week, the amount each team member made on services and how much revenue they generated from selling retail. You can also see a breakdown of the ‘average spend per client’ for each of the staff on your roster.

With this information, you can now set team targets and even incentivize your employees to reach higher goals than they previously have. This could be through upselling additional services or maybe even selling more retail individually.

Speaking of retail, that brings us to impactful Report #3.

Inventory Report

One of the greatest opportunities that salon’s need to avail themselves of is their products. From salons just opening up to the thriving, successful ones, we have found that time-and-time again, salon retail and products are continuously untracked and underutilised.

But the salons that have made a point to set retail targets and smash them month over month, see a tremendous result in both their figures and their profitability.

And one of the best ways to crush your retail targets is by tracking them with a weekly stock report.

By reviewing both the inventory that your team uses and the products they sell, you will find a huge opportunity to lower costs, let go of unnecessary waste as well as generate a new, lush revenue stream.
And there you have it! The 3 must-have weekly salon reports that your business absolutely needs.

P.S. There is another one that I find simply incredible: It’s the Super-Client Report, in Phorest Salon Software.

With the touch of a button, you can instantly generate a report that details your very best clients. Once you have this document, there are loads of potential marketing opportunities that can deliver results:

  • You could request that each of the clients on this list provide a review of your salon on Google so that your business can rank better
  • You could also offer them a special referral card, so that they can bring a colleague, family member or a peer in with them
  • Or simply show them gratitude for choosing you, and give them a surprise add-on service - cementing their loyalty for life ;-)

There are tons of potential ideas you can run with… Once you have the data to do so!
So without a doubt, make sure that you find a way to access these crucial reports for your salon on a weekly basis. And guarantee that you get the results you want, with the information you need.

About the Author: Chris Brennan is a salon marketing specialist and expert speaker for Phorest Salon Software. He travels the world helping salon owners get their clients back in more often, and spending more at each visit. If you would like to discover more about Phorest Salon Software’s reporting suite and how it can help grow your business, simply visit today and request a demo!

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