Are you ready for artificial intelligence, salon mobility and personalized marketing? These are...

Are you ready for artificial intelligence, salon mobility and personalized marketing? These are the trending business “musts” for salons says Millennium’s John Harms.

It’s John Harms’ job to stay ahead of the curve. As the leader of Millennium Systems International, he’s committed to creating solutions to inform and empower salon owners. With 30 years of experience, he maintains a pulse on where salons and spas are headed. Right now, he says, there are three important things salons must embrace.

Artificial Intelligence
“AI is the biggest push in technology right now, along with what can be done with the data collected by cloud systems. This intelligence is built into apps and systems and allows a client to interact with an online booking system conversationally with voice or text,” says John. “They can have experiences we’d expect only with voice conversations today. Meevo 2’s Convobar® feature enables users to speak or type a command into the responsive search bar to quickly scan the appointment book, open reports, access schedules and so much more.”

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Salon Mobility
Nowadays, owners and clients must have 24/7 access to the salon. First, this means implementing an online booking app that understands nuances and how the business owner wants appointments to be booked. “The owner should have the ability to choose which services can be booked online, which order makes the most sense, which employees are bookable online, which days and times are bookable and booking times,” says John. “For a salon owner to trust a booking app, it must be as smart as the front desk.”

Also, clients should have all-hours access to e-gift cards. “More than half of consumers give or receive digital gift cards,” says John. “They require no work on the part of the salon, and they boost a business’s revenue so they must always be available. And with Meevo 2, salons can customize the look of their e-cards to align with their brand.”

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Customized Client Experience
In today’s world, anonymous messaging just doesn’t cut it. The marketing created for clients must be personalized and targeted in order to resonate.

“You should be asking, ‘Who is this person? What are their interests? What services have they tried or NOT tried? What add-ons or services would be right for them,’” John says. “What’s amazing about Meevo 2 is the ability to better understand your clients and how they book, how often they like to come in, and even record what robe size or type of drink your clients likes, using custom fields you can add to a client profile.”

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