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STAMP: Show Us Your Best Marketing Ideas

by Stacey Soble | May 10, 2019

Websites, social posts, ads, blogs, in-salon signage, marketing campaigns--if you had an outstanding marketing or promotion that hit a home run last year, share it with us through STAMP, SALON TODAY's Annual Marketing Program!

Of all of SALON TODAY's competitions, this is the easiest one to enter--it's a matter of Show and Tell. Simply tell us about your idea, why it was a success and show us the materials.

There are dozens of categories to enter. Don't see a category that matches your best idea? Create your own. Simply complete the section under "Other" and we'll look at creating a whole new category.

Deadline to enter has been extended to Jun 15, 2019. The best of the STAMP entries will be shared in our September/October issue which is focused on marketing.

CLICK HERE to enter.

5 Myths About Online Booking…Busted!

5 Myths About Online Booking…Busted!

by Staff

If you’ve considered adding online booking to your website, now’s the time to take the plunge. So what’s holding you back from incorporating this must-have feature? If it’s one of these common myths, read on for the truth behind them.

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Hair by Mary Ott,

All The Ways To Price Your Specialty Hair Color

by Staff

By the hour, by the level, by the bowl. Those are just some of the ways stylists are setting their rates for specialty hair color. Specialty color is hard work so don’t sell yourself short. Specialty color is also creative, and here are some creative ways stylists are charging for their artistry!


In our video section, watch salon professionals in action, listen to the advice of salon business experts, and tour inside the world’s top salons.

Are You Losing Money On Your Toning, Retouch Or Highlight Services?

Are You Losing Money On Your Toning, Retouch Or Highlight Services?

by Staff

The more you know, the more you save and the more money you make. That’s true of everything in your business. When you’re informed, you can make informed decisions. Knowing your numbers when it comes to hair color usage is particularly helpful because it’s so easy to over-use product and undercharge for services. Here’s how three salons, with the help of Vish software, were able to analyze the data available at their fingertips to determine which services were losing money and which were producing healthy profits.

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