A consistency in coaching regarding the service/retail conversation with clients yields a higher...
A consistency in coaching regarding the service/retail conversation with clients yields a higher average retail ticket in the Tangerine Salons.

SALON TODAY provides best practices and a community for owners so they can run more efficient, more profitable businesses.  This month, we spotlight four trending stories on how to drive profits through your staff, retail, referrals and motivational techniques. See recaps of each story below and corresponding links.

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Motivators that Work: Healthy Competition and Bonus Clubs

Salon owners explore new methods to motivate their stylists. The result? A bigger bottom line.

 At Bella Style Salon in Slidell, Louisiana, owner Jen Baudier created a six-figure club for stylists who hit $100k in services in one year.

“I offered a $1,000 bonus on the spot when a service provider reached $100k in annual services,” she says.

Baudier attributes her staff’s success and motivation to reach this goal to her intense focus on individual growth.

“I broke it down to the day and told them, you need to add a person here, or three conditioning treatments there—I was really specific.”  

Assistants Drive Profit, Period.

Owner Ricky Blount isn’t interested in growing his assistants into stylists. His salon is too small to support any more stylists. Instead, assistants join Ricky and his wife Ginny with the clear understanding they will receive amazing experience and will be able to move on to the salon of their choice when they’re ready.

This system allows the Blounts to see 30-32 clients per day, five days a week, between the hours of 7:45 am-6:30 pm.

Learn more about this profitable couple and their small, but mighty business.  

Stylist Adds $25k, Books Out Salon

When John Souza of M Salon Experience at the Loop participated in a referral contest, in his wildest dreams he didn’t think he’d end up with so many clients he needed to give some to his colleagues.

“It got to the point where I would just do a consult and give the client to someone else,” he says.

Ultimately, Souza’s success benefited the whole business.

M Salon owner Allison Agresta says, “We grew our services by $101,655 from 2015-2016, and our retail numbers by $23,477. That’s a total of $125,132 in growth for the entire year.”

Full Circle: The Retail Conversation from Consultation to Checkout

Salon owners share the strategic retail conversations they have with clients throughout the entire appointment.

At Tangerine Salons in the Dallas area, consistency in coaching the service/retail conversation has yielded an average retail ticket above $12 in each of its five locations, with one location hitting $18-20.

“It has become a culture thing,” Tangerine Operations Director Lauren Radoncic says. “Everyone can see where they rank in retail on our board and know if they need to step it up.”

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