Dr. Andrew Kerklaan
Photo courtesy: Kerklann Therapeutics

Dr. Andrew Kerklaan
Photo courtesy: Kerklann Therapeutics

MODERN's cover story about cannabidoil, more commonly known as CBD, in the April 2019 issue has been a huge topic of industry conversation. The showfloor at America's Beauty Show welcomed many new brands into the space, and the traffic to our web articles on the subject is seeing constant gains.

To better understand the opportunities, we spoke with Dr. Andrew Kerklaan of Kerklaan Therapeutics, a CBD-based topical product line, which offers nonpsychotropic pain relief and wellness benefits.

Beauty professionals are prone to repetitive stress injuries, and CBD is one option to help alleviate pain and tension. Additionally, incorporating CBD into your salon service offerings brings a wellness component to those services and helps build add-ons to increase revenue.

In this Q&A with MODERN SALON, Kerklaan, founder of Dr. Kerklaan Therapuetics, explains the benefits of CBD.

MODERN SALON: How can a hairdresser use CBD creams for pain caused by repetitive stress (e.g. wrist strain, leg cramps from standing, tension headaches)?

DR. KERKLAAN: Hairdressers are definitely prone to repetitive strain issues and injuries. Repetitive strain on wrists and legs can easily trigger inflammatory and muscle tightening. There is the potential for chronic irritation. Topical CBD, especially combined with cooling agents like eucalyptus or peppermint, has shown to help diminish muscle tension, pain and inflammation. Also, CBD is completely nonpsychoactive, so it’s great for using at work.

MODERN SALON: How can salons integrate CBD-infused products into their services?

DR. KERKLAAN: Two services that immediately come to mind are integrating CBD topicals into manicures and pedicures, as well as neck and shoulder massages. CBD products would add an extra relaxing element to both services. The most frequent issues I see in my clinic are neck and shoulder injuries. Many people who suffer from this type of pain feel sensitive to getting their hair washed. Having CBD cream available to relieve pressure in the neck is a terrific bonus to offer clients.

MODERN SALON: Stylists are up close and personal with clients during appointments. How can they start the conversation about CBD?

DR. KERKLAAN: Health and wellness is a huge focus now and using a natural, plant-derived product to diminish muscle pain is definitely part of a wellness strategy. CBD has also exploded lately; it’s likely a client has heard of it. Clients trust and look to their stylists for information, so initiating a conversation would likely be welcomed.

Beauty professionals should listen for conversation entry points such as a client saying, "I’m so tense," or "My neck and back are aching." These comments offer beauty professionals an opportunity to share the services and retail options their salon offers.

To learn more about CBD and why it's booming in the beauty space, check out this feature story, here.


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