Nikki Lee & Riawna Capri, co-founders of Nine Zero One Salon, formed the BeYOUtiful Foundation last year with friend and co-founder Matt Coulter.  The BeYOUtiful Foundation is now giving salons across the US the ability to host their own BeYOUtiful Day event.

 Every BeYOUtiful Day event provides free cuts to all cancer patients, survivors and anyone that donates ten inches or more of their own hair. A flat rate is established for the rest of your clientele and 100% of these contributions will be donated the BeYOUtiful Foundation.

 “Our BeYOUtiful Hair program is the perfect place to donate your hair," says Coulter." We created this program so that all people have an easy, transparent and responsible way to make a difference. All of our hair is individually tracked so that when a wig is created and donated, all parties know exactly who it went to!”

 Each of our partner salons select an event date, rally their staff to donate their time, love and resources to benefit the local cancer community.

 “Giving back has always been a focus and now with the BeYOUtiful Foundation we’ve created a way for salons everywhere to do the same!" says Lee. "You can sign up today and support those that need a little extra love. We’re thankful for all of you joining us to make sure not one woman fights alone.”

 Once a salon signs up they will receive a BeYOUtiful Box with the essentials: T-shirts for the stylists donating their time to wear during the event, Mirror Decals, Hair Donation Envelopes, Balloons and Keychains as a gift to the stylists.

 There is no fee to participate. Donations made the day of the event will be given directly to the BeYOUtiful Foundation. 

“When we decided to create our foundation we knew it was all about community," Capri concludes. "Our BeYOUtiful Day Program is the perfect example of that. No matter where you are in the country your salon can create its own BeYOUtiful Day to support the local cancer community.”

 Salons can sigh up here:


Originally posted on Modern Salon