“We are currently working on integrating Virtual Reality into Korvue’s online booking systems to allow a client to review the services and meet the staff like never before possible. Virtual Reality will allow a person to tour the salon, take product off the shelf, examine it and ask a specialist questions. Not only can they select their haircut and makeup, but they will also be able to try it out in their own environment to gauge reaction. All this without leaving the comfort of their own home or office. It’s a game-changer.”


National account executive Verasoft USA

 “I am excited about ZeeZor for upgrading the client experience and growing the salon’s bottom line. Years ago, we tracked our numbers in a book. With the ZeeZor app, that information is automatically updated to our phones. This omni-channel employee engagement platform, developed by Salon 124’s Brian Perdue and his colleagues, shows your salons numbers as well as each stylist’s daily results in real-time. Your stylists see their numbers too. When they’re aware of how their actions impact their income, it prompts them to have discussions with their guests about additional services, upgrades and take-home products.”


Technical director

Keune Academy

 “We are laser-focused on mobile technologies, as growing demand and the need for accessibility continue to shape the future. Service providers and their clients expect the control and increased convenience that mobile tools and apps can offer them, and more mobility ultimately leads to an improved quality of service. The client’s experience is enhanced when technology allows businesses to break the mold. A front-desk team that has been freed from their traditional post is now more approachable. That leads to a significant increase in interactions, which in turn strengthens loyalty and relationships.”


President, SalonBiz

 “I think the industry has spent so much time chasing the next technology, app or device that they’ve lost focus on growing their businesses. That might be surprising coming from a technologist who has been around as long or longer than any other software company in the beauty industry. The truth is, I use technology to chase the passion of growing businesses. So my hope and focus is using the power of technology to refocus my clients on business tools and things that will directly help the salon, spa, independent operator or large chain succeed.”


Founder and CEO

Millennium Systems International

 “Paul Mitchell has partnered with the YouCam Makeup beauty app, making it the first U.S. hair line to utilize the app’s seamless technology which features precise, instant hair mapping technology and unmatched natural color layering. Paul Mitchell’s haircolor suite will allow users across the globe to try true-to-life virtual hair color styles and instantly locate a salon to bring their favorite style to reality, providing a true end-to-end user experience. The YouCam partnership offers a new, mobile beauty platform that can help stylists increase color services in the salon. It is free to download, easy to use and offers stylists a visual tool to engage guests in haircolor conversations.”


Brand manager

Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color

 “Technology is fast-forwarding toward super-automation, moving to remove the time-consuming, routine aspects of business. This trend of automating the mundane has beckoned the rise of technologies such as mobile payments, salon mobile apps and speech recognition. It won’t be long before you have the ability to talk to your software and ask for Mrs. Jones’ bill or to speak a color formula rather than write it or type it. At Shortcuts, we continue to invest in tools that make every aspect of the routine transaction easier, allowing our clients to focus less on getting through their tasklists and more on enhancing their relationships with clients.”




 “Mobile apps are, and will continue to be, a necessity for any business. In every industry, we see owners promoting their mobile apps and rewarding clients for using them. With Envision and our client-facing mobile app, MyDash, clients are able to stay connected to their salon 24/7. This enhances the client experience because they can book appointments, receive specials or refer friends in-the-moment rather than waiting until they are in the salon. While in the salon, clients can receive special beacon notifications about retail products as they walk by retail shelves. They are more connected to their salon and the experience than ever before.”


Director of marketing

Envision Software

 “We are looking at how mobile platforms will alter the entire guest experience in a salon environment, from bookings, consultation and all the way to recording all aspects of cuts, styles and color services.”



SureTint Technologies

 “The future of salon/spa technology will create a more convenient environment and better experience for the guest. Cloud technology will enhance this by utilizing mobile devices to greet your guests. We will soon allow a client to have the salon/spa app on their phone so that as soon as they arrive for their appointment, they will be automatically checked in prior to walking through the door. The guest is immediately greeted for their appointment.”



STX Software

 “We are keeping an eye on the wearable tech market (smart watches etc.) to see how we can utilize them to increase business efficiency and eliminate no-shows and late arrivals. The technology still has to continue to develop but as it becomes more accepted, we can see applications for notifying staff when their clients arrive, as well as reminders for clients prior to their appointments to ensure they are on time. The ability to book your appointment at a salon or spa and have it automatically synch to your phone and watch calendars could be available in the near future.”


Sales director

Insight Salon & Spa Software—SYNTEC

 “The world leaders in tech innovation have already put their eggs in the artificial intelligence (AI) basket. Machine Learning (ML), a subset of AI, can and will use predictive analysis to drive business and customer relationships across all industries. In the not-so-distant future, ML will give us the ability to automate much of the back-end, heavy- lifting of running a salon. It will streamline the front desk and operational systems, match people with the proper products, service provider and even reference images. Although it seems hard to imagine now, ML will soon work (with people) to improve customer support, maximize customer spending and encourage clients to stay with you.”


Vice president, strategic projects and industry Development


 “Context-aware computing has changed the way people use software because it intuitively- adapts behaviors based on each user. Because Rosy- has so many- types of users from salon clients to the salon owners, managers, receptionists and stylists, each experience has to be highly individualized. This technology- has already been used for our online client scheduling, product recommendations and product reservation features. In the future, I can see expanding the access into the supply- chain, which will help with the exchange of information. An informed staff coupled with an automated system that recommends products based on past services and retail sales as well as future bookings leads to greater sales and a highly customized experience for the client.”



Rosy Salon Software

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