To make clients feel pampered and appreciated, Satori Salon in Ithaca, New York, offers complimentary mini services to clients when staff members have time surrounding their appointments. According to co-owners Christi Boothe and Lynette Brider offering these treatments serves as a tool for new employees who are building their clientele and have openings in their schedule. “It’s those little things that set us apart from other salons and increases our frequency and return rates,” say the co-owners.

 WHAT’S INCLUDED: Clients choose one of the following services:

 Mini Facial and Skin Consultation—a deep pore cleansing service that leaves skin toned and moisturized.

  • Hand Facial—rejuvenating hand massage
  • File and Polish—quick nail shaping and two coats of nail polish
  • Finishing Touch Make up—clients can choose application on the eyes, checks and lips or foundation
  • Foot Soak and Scrub—rejuvenating foot service

 PRODUCTS USED: “All of the products used in the complimentary services are the same products used in the full, regular services. It’s perfect for staff in training to practice integrating how to educate clients about the products they are using.”

 COST: Complimentary


 MARKETING THE SERVICE: “All you have to do is walk through the door! We even perform complimentary services on someone who isn’t receiving a service that day or who has never been to Satori before, but is perhaps waiting for a friend. This is our way of introducing new clients to the many services we offer. We think of it as an investment where the benefits of donating staff time and product far outweigh the minimal cost.”

 NUMBER OF CLIENTS: “On average, we provide 25-40 month; however, there have been instances when we’ve had several staff members in training, and we’ve completed more than 100. The Mini Facial (a small luxury) is the most popular and a wonderful way for our estheticians to build clientele.”

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