This summer, I had the privilege of attending the first Global Salon Business Forum and Awards in London. Founded by industry leader Paula Kent Meehan, the awards honored salon owners from around the world for their entrepreneurship and business accomplishments. In addition to recognition, the program also offered winners an opportunity to network and learn from each other.

During these networking sessions, many owners shared their success stories with me. Through these conversations, I found they all had one goal in common: the desire to continually improve and grow their businesses.

Ten of the GSB Award winners had something else in common—they have all been featured in the SALON TODAY 200.

Since 1998, the ST 200 has recognized savvy owners who have grown their businesses with innovation, creativity and resourcefulness. At the end of this month, applications for the 2005 ST 200 are due and we’re looking forward to seeing how your salon has grown. If you haven’t filled out your application yet, visit

To get inspired, read more about this year’s GSB program in “Beauty’s Best” on page 52.

Building a Buzz

Have you ever tried a new restaurant simply because you had a 25-percent discount coupon? Or brought home three necklaces from your favorite boutique instead of one because of a buy-two-get-one-free sale?

There’s no question about it—a good gimmick brings in customers, but it’s great service and quality merchandise that keep them coming back. However, even when business is booming, salon owners sometimes find themselves battling a slow retail month or an after-holiday service slump. To combat these lower revenue times, creative business owners look for new ways to market services and sell products.

This month we asked salon owners to share their most successful marketing and promotion ideas, and they delivered. From makeover packages to retail deals, these 40 marketing concepts could be the solution to your next sales slowdown. Turn to page 36 for the details. Whether you’re a marketing guru or just getting started on a promotions package, you’ll find a new idea to use in your salon.

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