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Jatai International's Feather Standard Blades R-Type

by Lauren Salapatek | June 25, 2018 | Jatai International | Razors
Jatai International's Feather Standard Blades R-Type
Jatai International's Feather Standard Blades R-Type

Jatai International's latest creation in their current lineup of blades is the Feather Standard Blades R-Type for use in Feather Styling Razor handles. The new R-Type Blade has 40% more blade exposure for rapid cuts and with less guard, there is even less resistance or drag.

You might think...‘I use the Standard Blades and they are great already! Why would I need these new blades?’

The reason may be more personal than necessity. This new blade is for the hairdresser who wishes he/she could do razor hair cuts just a little bit faster or who would like to have as close to an open blade razor as possible but still have a protective guard. This would mean even less drag than the already smooth Standard Blades. It’s also for the person who want to remove more hair in a shorter period of time.

The Standard Blades R-Type come in a pack of 10 blades, just like Feather’s Texturizing Blades, Standard Blades and Nape and Body Blades.

The new Feather Standard Blades R-Type are available at or through major distributors.

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