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Living Proof Introduces New Restore Perfecting Spray

by Elizabeth Jakaitis | February 1, 2017 | Living Proof | Finishing Products

Restoration Hair Care

New Restore Perfecting Spray from Living Proof is designed to smooth, strengthen and soften dry, damaged hair. The silicone-free formula contains a time-release conditioner that is light enough for fine hair but powerful enough to repair hair that feels like straw. Restore Perfecting Spray is formulated with a blend of synergistic ingredients to protect and perfect hair during two vulnerable states—wet detangling and heat styling—while also providing lasting benefits to keep hair soft and smooth longer.


  • Smoothes, strengthens and softens dry, damaged hair.
  • Feather-light, time-release conditioning.
  • Easy detangling, reducing the damaging effects of combing.
  • UV & heat protection.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon

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