Offering a Meditative Opportunity to Your Guests
Elan Hair Studio

Like most salon owners, Kellie Johnson of Elan Hair Studio in Sea Girt, New Jersey, is always seeking ways to deliver higher value to her guests.

“The salon used to be a place where clients could escape and enjoy a little time focused on themselves. Now it just seems that the goal is to get in and out as fast as possible,” she says.

Currently Johnson is working on her certification to teach meditation, and she thought about how to bring a meditative opportunity to Elan guests. She purchased a handful of mini iPads, loaded them with the Calm App, which has a series of 10-20 minute guided meditations, and purchased thousands of disposable ear buds. Now, clients are offered the chance to meditate while their color processes at the shampoo bowl or while they are getting a blowout.

“We’re definitely ahead of the curve on this,” Johnson says. “Clients who are into yoga and meditation think it’s a great idea, others are excited to try it, and some clients hesitate because they think meditation is a religion.”

When Johnson gets certified in January, she’s planning on creating her own series of meditation recordings and will be encouraging all her guests to take a reflective moments and some deep breaths.

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