From top row to bottom, left to right, the scholarship winners are: Isabella Browe, Hailey...

From top row to bottom, left to right, the scholarship winners are: Isabella Browe, Hailey Eiler, Sarah Jobin,  Ashley Leonard, Jaida Page, Marisa Peraino, Shanria Price, Elizabete Quezada, Francesca Pryden, ArMani Rogers, Carlene Sides, and Morgan Virus

Beauty Changes Lives

European Wax Center, one of the world’s fastest growing beauty lifestyle service brands, is excited to announce 12 winners of the inaugural “European Wax Center │Unapologetic You” scholarship. Administered by the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation, the scholarship is the Foundation’s first and exclusive scholarship funded by a company dedicated to revealing beautiful skin in the out-of-home waxing sector.

 Each winner receives a $4,250 tuition scholarship toward their cosmetology, esthetics or beauty-related program at an accredited school.  Applicants submitted a video sharing what “unapologetic confidence” means to them and winners were selected by a panel of judges.

 Inaugural winners, their respective schools and a link to their videos follow:

 Isabella Browe, Oak Brooke, IL, Pivot Point Academy, IG@milobrowe

In her application video, Isabelle recalls how cutting her hair and dying it a bold green shade freed her from shyness and gave her the confidence to get involved in her school and her community.

 Heather Eiler, Lincoln, NE, College of Hair Design, IG  

Heather’s video describes unapologetic confidence as complete assurance in one’s values. Tattoos and piercings didn’t change Heather’s values but did change the outlook for the student athlete and National Honor Society member. An optimist, Heather says, “When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.”

 Sarah Jobin,  Mogador, OH, Casal Aveda Institute,  IG @sarahjobin1

In her video, Sarah says confidence comes from the realization that other people are grappling with the same challenges and frustrations. As she struggled with acne, Sarah learned not only how to change how she cared for her skin, but how she perceived beauty in herself and others.

 Ashley Leonard, Parkland, FL, Boca Beauty Academy, IG @authenticashley

Ashley’s video  describes confidence as the willingness to be confident in being imperfect. Her confidence to embrace diversity has helped her embrace beauty in its different forms and rebel against conventional definitions of beauty.

 Jaida Page, Logan, UT, Paul Mitchell the School

Jaida’s video describes herself as a busy, driven gal who is known as a “glow-getter.” A member of her state’s champion basketball team, the esthetics student says confidence comes in many different forms and is the secret ingredient to pursuing dreams – whether career or athletic goals.

 Marisa Peraino, Broomall, PA, Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, IG @rissstyles

Marisa’s video shares the frustration she felt when others didn’t support her choice of a career in beauty. Undeterred, Marisa mastered the unapologetic confidence to pursue her passion despite others’ opinions.

 Shanria Price, Atlanta, GA, Paul Mitchell the School – Esani, IG @poisoncoolwhip

Shanria finds her unapologetic confidence by thinking of herself as the “CEO of poise and cool.” In her video, she advises to address uncertainty by asking, “What would a CEO do?”

 Elizabete Quezada, Valley Stream, NY, Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics

Elizabete video features friends, counselors and colleagues sharing how Elizabete demonstrates unapologetic confidence whether giving back to victims of domestic violence or making a difference in her community as a make-up artist and philanthropist.

 Francesca Pryden, Rohnert Park, CA, Cinta Aveda Institute, IG @esthi_chessie

Video helped Francesca find her unapologetic confidence. Struggles with acne prompted her to create a series of videos and gave her the confidence to appear in her series without make-up. “It’s so rewarding to help others find their own unapologetic confidence,” says the esthetics student.

 ArMani Rogers, Riverdale, GA, Aveda Institute Atlanta, IG @armanimichaelstyle

Beyond being an aspiring cosmetologist, ArMani shared some of his poetry skills in an application video poem celebrating unapologetic confidence.  He describes confidence as being undefined by rules and the “strength and courage to go hard without doubt.”

 Carlene Sides, Fallbrook, CA, Royale College of Beauty, Temecula, CA, IG @cosmo_carl

Carlene’s confidence helped her leave a comfortable, prescribed corporate position to pursue a career in cosmetology. In her video she describes how planning events for families and patients at Saint Jude’s Hospital introduced her to those who exhibit the most inspiring and unapologetic confidence. As a cosmetology student, she helps clients manifest their confidence through vivid hair colors.

 Morgan Virus, Orange, CA, Salon Success Academy, IG@ mua_morganvirus

A survivor of the tragic shooting at the 2017 Las Vegas Harvest Festival, Morgan’s video shares how struggles – whether surviving a shooting or seeing how her grandmother lives with Parkinson’s – can help build unapologetic confidence. As an esthetician, she looks forward to building confidence in the clients she serves.

 “European Wax Center is proud to support women through educational opportunities. We are grateful for the success we’ve had as a brand, and these scholarships are our way to pay it forward so that every one of the recipients can live their life with unapologetic confidence,” said Sherry Baker, President of Marketing and Product Development, European Wax Center.

 The Unapologetic You scholarship reflects growing demand for licensed beauty professionals.  According to a report published by Career Education College & Universities (CECU), nearly 800,000 beauty and spa professionals will be needed in the next decade to meet employer demand. A 2017 study published by the International Spa Association reported more than 30,000 positions in the professional spa industry are currently unfilled.

 “European Wax Center’s generosity is helping the Foundation and partners throughout the industry galvanize resources that celebrate the diverse opportunities available to licensed beauty and wellness professionals and the confidence these professionals give to their clients,” said Lynelle Lynch, Beauty Changes Lives Foundation President.

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