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Color tonality, shine and elasticity can all be effected by pollution. Alfaparf Milano’s latest relaunch is working to protect hair against it.

Vivica Davies, international education manager for Alfaparf Milano explains how Semi Di Lino detoxes, treats, adds luster to and protects hair in a curated three-step process.

1. Why is it important for the hair to be protected from pollutants?

Air pollutants are composed of both large and small particles. Large particle pollutants on the hair can include dust and debris from our environments, as well as sweat, dead skin and styling products. These types of pollutants are easily removed by shampooing.

Small particle pollutants are labelled PM10 pollutants. This means that they are 10 microns or smaller—that’s tiny. These do not sit on the surface of the hair; they can penetrate into the hair fiber and act to break down the keratin and lipid bonds, which causes hair to become weak and dry. They also act on hair color—blondes will experience yellowing of their color, and those with darker cosmetic colors will experience greater color fade.

2. How does the line work?

The three steps of Semi di Lino are to detox, to treat and to enhance shine.

The first step, to detoxify the hair, incorporates a mud treatment formulated to absorb any PM10 particles within the hair. The particles absorbed by the mud can be shampooed away. This prepares the hair for further treatment by removing toxins already present. The second step is to treat and repair. A stylist will apply a mask from one of the three familes: reconstruction for damaged hair, moisture for dry hair, and diamond for normal hair. Each family is a complete line of treatment and home-care needs. The final step relates to shine.
Semi di Lino is Italian for linseed. Linseed has a tradition of being used to enhance the shine of the hair as far back as the ancient Egyptians, and Alfaparf considers it to be an essential element of the beauty regimen for hair. The final step consists of finishing products to enhance the
shine of the hair.

3. Why is it important for the scalp and hair to be regularly detoxed?

Everyday we are subject to the effects of toxins and pollutants from a variety of places including the air around us, the foods we eat and the medications we take. Nature’s intended purpose for our hair is protection and warmth, and it becomes one of the ways our body detoxes itself—a lot of toxins escape through our hair. In order to maximize hair luster, we need to remove them. Removing toxins from the scalp provides the best possible environment for the hair to grow.

4. How was the line developed?

The September launch of Semi di Lino sees a huge evolution in hair care. This luxurious range answers all our needs: its elegant packaging and gentle fragrances appeal to our senses, its targeted ingredients nourish, care for and protect hair to improve the quality of the hair fiber, and the balanced textures are sumptuous on the skin, without heaviness in the hair.

5. What is Urban Defense Pro-Complex? How does it work?

In recognition of our increasingly busy and urbanized lifestyles, Semi di Lino now contains Urban Defense Pro technology, an ingredient synthesized from natural ingredients, which provides the hair with a protective shield to prevent PM10 particles from penetrating the hair. This protective shield stops the negative effects of pollution on the hair, resulting in shinier, healthier hair with improved color longevity.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon

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