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In January, Millennium Systems International released Meevo 2, a faster, better version of Millennium’s cloud-based software with some cool features that makes salons more efficient. Millennium Founder John Harms gives Salon Today the details on the latest evolution.

Salon Today: What’s new about Meevo 2? 

Harms: “We launched Meevo in 2014, but it didn’t work on all devices. It’s been three years in the making, and now Meevo 2 is faster, better and works on all devices, including a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy.

“Meevo 2 is eye candy—it was built to be simple. Dashboards can be designed by salon function, so the front desk receptionist, manager, stylist and owner can see the KPIs they need to see in real time, and users can hide the things they don’t want to see. Training takes 1/10th of the time of traditional software, and salon owners can access the cloud-based software from anytime, anywhere without having to use a scaled down app.

“In addition, Meevo 2 was built from the ground up to handle multi-location salons.”

Salon Today: What is your favorite feature?

Harms: “The coolest thing for me is Meevo 2’s  Convobar, which simplifies front desk operations and gives the staff more time to focus on clients in the salon.

“It has a natural language processor in which a receptionist can type or speak in the requested dates and service providers and instantly find an appointment that matches a client’s requests.

“For example, if a client is looking for an appointment either today or Tuesday with either Jason or Sasha, they can speak or type in ‘Today’ ‘Tuesday’ ‘Jason’ and ‘Sasha,’ and Meevo will instantly show any options available with either stylist on those two days. Before, the receptionist would have to review available appointments on Jason’s calendar for today, then Tuesday, then scroll to Sasha’s calendar and do the same. And often, the receptionist would have to check back with the client and confirm the dates they are looking for because it’s human nature to forget while you’re focusing on a task. Now, handling a complicated request is so much easier and faster for both the front desk team and the client.”

Salon Today: How else is Meevo 2 designed to save time?

Harms: “With Meevo 2, we’ve solved the problem with the client wait list. For example, say a client calls in for an appointment with Cathy, but she’s booked out. The front desk can enter in the client’s preference—for example, mornings from 8 to noon and the length of the appointment needed. When something opens up, Meevo 2 automatically texts the client to say that Cathy has an opening and asks the client if she wants it. She replies to the text with a 1 for Yes or 2 for No and she has 15 minutes to reply. If she answers Yes, Meevo 2 automatically books the appointment, if she answers No or doesn’t reply Meevo 2 automatically contacts the next client on the wait list.”

Salon Today: Why is security so important?

Harms: “Owners want a cloud-based system so they can access it from anywhere, but that can make security scary. With Meevo 2, we’ve put a focus on security. In the salon, stylists can have full access to their appointment book, but outside the salon, the owner can decide what info their team members can access and what they can’t.

“We were a little late to the cloud game, but we tripled the size of our development department, brought in cloud experts and added a top-notch vice president of software development. We built a blazing fast system, built it right and built it beautifully. And, we brought in outside companies to vet the software and it’s gotten A+ ratings. We may have lagged a bit, but we’re leapfrogging in now.”

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Originally posted on Modern Salon