Ecoheads Partnering with Salons to Save Water Worldwide

The beauty industry has reached a watershed in the fight for the planet, with salons uniting to save enough water to fill more than one entire Olympic-sized swimming pool every day by partnering with environmentally conscious ECOHEADS shower heads.

During a summer that has seen record temperatures across the globe, the number of traditional shower heads replaced by the  sleek ECOHEADS shower head has risen into the thousands. And that figure is set to keep on rising with strategic eco-partnerships such as that with Kevin Murphy as well as the deal between ECOHEADS and Green Circle Salons where newly enrolled Green Circle Salon members receive an ECOHEADS shower head absolutely free.

Although still a relative newcomer to the industry, having launched in North American just two years ago, the Australian-made shower heads have made inroads. For those salon owners battling water shortages due to drought, or struggling with water regulation, contamination and/or low pressure, they have proved a great solution. ECOHEADS shower heads also cuts heating bills and water rates; the average salon shower head uses 2.5 gallons per minute while ECOHEADS shower heads use just 1.45 gallons per minute, saving the salon on average up to 103 gallons of water per basin, per day.

The stats – proven in the testing ECOHEADS shower heads underwent to achieve the Australian Water Mark – have caught the attention of utilities companies and environmental groups. Meanwhile the ECOHEADS salon community is saving millions and millions of gallons of water every single week. 

"Salons using the ECOHEADS shower heads are making a huge impact already, saving over a million gallons of water each day in North American alone," said Valorie Tate, co-founder of Linkup Marketing, exclusive distributor of the product in the US. "That’s great news for our industry, which relies heavily on this natural resource, and for the environment."

Through 2018 the ECOHEADS community will continue to grow, with predictions showing professionals will soon be saving millions upon millions of gallons of water daily.

"The growth of ECOHEADS is accelerating as salon owners increasingly recognize the benefits and savings these innovative showerheads bring," added Tate. "Aside from the water savings, artists and salon owners alike are recognizing the importance of a clean, high-powered rinse as our water-saving shower head also increases water pressure. We are excited that 2018 will see the industry making great strides in water conservation, while also improving service standards."

ECOHEADS shower head delivers a high-pressure flow using less than 1.45 gallons a minute to quickly rinse a client’s hair and features sub-micron filters to remove all sediment, rust and solids from the water, while reducing impurities and introducing negative ions for a cleaner, softer rinse.

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