Time's Up for Tedious Tasks

The pressure from time-starved clients to deliver more services in less time can only be answered by embracing new technology and smart work practices states Valorie Tate, from Ecoheads North America.

Ecoheads has already helped speed up shampoo and rinse times with its unique salon showerhead that delivers powerful and consistent water pressure by restricting the water flow and reducing water usage by up to 65%. Now its latest innovation, The Ping Colour Blender, is helping colorists multi-task and prep for their color services more efficiently by blending the color while the stylist is measuring a second (or third) color or applying color protectant or face shields. Or, just taking a bathroom break!

"Few clients want multiple professionals buzzing around them during their treatment yet they still appreciate shaving minutes off their treatments and the only way to deliver this is to up-the-game by embracing micro-efficiency," said Tate. "Trends are all pointing to consumers opting for quick services, with upsell services seeing largest growth when they can be contained in short time periods. This all stems from them multi-tasking themselves; so they expect their colorists to do the same and Ecoheads products were all designed in tandem with stylists to truly focus on helping hair stylists work smarter."

The first product of its kind, The Ping ensures colors and tint bond with peroxides when combined and its unique design helps aerate colors, making them creamier and fluffier so they go further, saving money on color. The magnetic detachable mixing paddle at the heart of The Ping guarantees all product is gently blended at just the right speed for the right amount of time and the cute little blender has some stamina, staying charged for up to a week keeping him mobile as the busy stylist moves around the salon.

Meanwhile, the stylist or colorist can gown up the client ready for the service, organize refreshment or even luxuriate in enough personal time to visit the washroom. 

Ely Gurrola, based out of Butterfly Loft Salon and Spa in Encino, California, is used to working all day under pressure. "I love my Ping for the consistency of the mix, but it also because it mixes more efficiently and faster than I do, so it leaves me time to do other things for my clients," says Ely. "All in all, my Ping saves me time and money and paid for itself with the amount of extra color I don’t have to mix. Plus it’s also a great topic of conversation when my clients look over and see that I have the coolest and latest tools."

Easy-to-clean and super-efficient, The Ping comes with four bowls that each have a different color dot to help busy stylists remember which blend is which, will most certainly become the most-coveted color assistant on the team.

The Ping comes with four mixing bowls, each with a color dot to help you remember what is in each bowl, four brushes and two detachable blades and costs $150. Order from /www.ecoheads.com/product/the-ping/

About ECOHEADS: Australian-born ECOHEADS is a young, innovative company that is reinventing salon tools to help hair professionals raise their game while looking out for the environment. Starting with water-saving technology endorsed by government agencies and beloved by salons around the globe, ECOHEADS is constantly looking to expand its portfolio of stylist-centric technology. Bang Face Shields, for stylists serious about precision cutting and client comfort, protect clients from stray color, loose hair fragments, hairspray and excessive heat, while the Ping color mixer is for colorists who want more from their color products and are tired of huffing fumes. Now distributed throughout the world, ECOHEADS brings a refreshing approach to tools for the professional, ensuring no need for sacrifice to provide beautiful work, for stylists or our planet.

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