Manage your color business with Vish.
Manage your color business with Vish.

Vish has announced the release of the latest version of its color business management app, devoted to helping salon owners get more from their color business. 

The new Vish app allows salon owners to reduce color waste by 80%, record all formulas created, capture missed services, ensure consistent pricing, and access valuable insights into their overall color business. Colorists will enjoy being able to precisely mix formulas and recreate them exactly as they were originally created. Guest formulas are also recorded in their history and can easily be marked as favorites. Most importantly, salon owners and colorists can operate knowing they are helping protect our environment by reducing color waste.

“Vish has finally enabled us to put our color usage (and cost) under the microscope, allowing us to better manage inventory and waste. Controlling professional product costs is essential to our bottom line,” says Michael Nass, owner of INDIRA Salon Spa.

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