Partner and Creative Director Alex Zuniga, Rory Tolunay and Fiona Tolunay. Vanity Salon
Partner and Creative Director Alex Zuniga, Rory Tolunay and Fiona Tolunay.Vanity Salon

Get a dose of educational articles that make you think, feel inspired and get motivated on improving your business on In this series, we look at five articles trending right now—from profiles on millennial owners who are "busting the millennial myth" and bringing their salon to new heights; to the evolution of the front desk; to how salon owners’ choose their salon’s names for their businesses.

Misunderstood: Busting the Millennial Myth

It’s time for you to shift your thinking about millennials. The millennial generation has endured more than its fair share of criticism, particularly in the workplace. But this blanket generation of millennials is just that—a generalization. Millennials are taking the world by storm with big ideas they execute with passion and persistence.

“Millennial” is just a box others are putting them in—a box they break out of every day. Meet three millennial salon owners who are rocketing their businesses to record growth through innovation, creativity and a lot of hard work.

Remember When Salons Used to Have Front Desks? 

The Pocket Salon App from SalonBiz will help salons operate more efficiently, grow sales, and reduce payroll. Most of all, it’s going to improve the guest’s experience by providing faster self-check-out; the ability to re-book appointments while in their stylist’s chair; direct messaging to their stylist; retail recommendations and more.

Pocket Salon App
Pocket Salon App

Lessons Learned: Owners Share Strategies for In-Salon Education: 

At Serious Business in January, a panel of owners gathered to discuss how education looks in each of their salons and how they created these successful programs.

The panelists included Tim Belcher, owner of Whole Aveda salon Spa Group in Tampa, Florida; Karie Bennett, owner of Atelier Salons in San Jose, California; Tatum Neill, creative director of Paris Parker Salons and co-founder of Elevate Hair; and Brandon Hensley, owner of Tangerine Salons in Dallas.

Read more about the panelists’ honest conversation about the inspiration behind and challenges with creating an education program that benefits the whole business.

The Power of Creative Connections

Ric Bowden, co-owner of two Avalon Salon locations in Dallas, Texas, and Billy Keohane have a symbiotic relationship when it comes to business. Bowden needed a great creative director with leadership skills and Keohane was looking for a job in the Dallas area. After interviewing at a half dozen salons, Keohane knew Avalon was the place for him.

“I needed platform work and high economics to grow as a stylist,” he says. “And after going to an Aveda Academy, I had worked in a non-Aveda salon for 15 years. This gave me an opportunity to be back in the heart of the Aveda culture.” In addition, for Bowden, he finally found the person who fit his salon’s culture and was able to re-ignite a creative flame in his staff.  

Billy Keohane, Creative Director of  Avalon Salon in Dallas, TX
Billy Keohane, Creative Director of  Avalon Salon in Dallas, TX

What’s in a Name?

Ever wondered how salons get their names? How does an owner decide whether or not to name the salon after him or herself? Are there certain names to steer clear of?

We talked to seven owners to learn why they came up with their salon’s names. Read on for their unique stories!


What's in a salon's name?
What's in a salon's name?

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