Strategizing Your Salon's Social Media

Does your salon take full advantage of social media and its potential reach? It’s free, after all, and is a great way to connect with your customer base.

Surprisingly, few salons take full advantage of the social media platform. Many have a website or a profile on review sites, yet their social media presence remains scattered at best. Or they opt to post mostly to one channel because of convenience or personal preference.

The truth is that your customers are spread out on several channels, and they do want to know what your salon is up to. So, instead of posting only the backs of heads on Instagram, for example, step up your efforts and show off those pretty waves on all favorite channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

If your salon does not already have a social media presence or needs to strengthen the current one, it’s time to step up the efforts. It just takes some planning and a little upkeep to work for you. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

To be followed, liked or shared, your salon’s social media needs to be easily found. If you don’t already have them, set up accounts on all major social channels using memorable and, if possible, consistent account names, also known as handles. Having one handle that works for all channels will simplify your efforts when referring to your salon’s social media in any marketing material (i.e., follow us on social @YourSalonName).

Brand Power
Set up your profile with your logo and use a beauty shot, either of your salon or a model with great hair, for the cover image. Both your logo and a cover image should project the level of quality that your salon offers, so make sure they at least look professionally done. Also, if possible, align your profile/page with brand colors and try to occasionally include your logo or signage in posts to keep everything branded.

Accuracy & Consistency
For each channel, take a few moments to fill in the appropriate sections for salon hours, address, pricing, summary, etc. Keep the information consistent on all channels and update it regularly. Do take the time to spell check before posting.

Plan Ahead
Once a presence has been established, and each channel is branded, set up a regular schedule of posts to happen at least a few times a week. Most channels have a way to schedule in advance, and if not, there are apps like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and Planoly that can help. Regardless, plan your base content in advance and then fill in the gaps with spur-of-the-moment opportunities as they become available.

Here are some ideas for possible social media posts:

Events & Happenings
Document salon events such as classes, parties, and everything from your grand opening to any special occasion. Snap away and post accordingly, making sure to use appropriate captions and hashtags.

Amazing Hair
Any time a client makes a significant change, show it off with a before and after post. Also document any great cuts, color, special occasion styles, first haircuts, etc. If you find it of interest, your clients likely will too! Shoot it, brand it, tag it, post it! Just be sure to ask for permission from your client before you do any of the above.

Trending Right
Since your salon is in the business of making others beautiful, your staff should work hard to be at the forefront of trends. As trendsetters, make occasional statements and show examples of what’s coming next for cuts, color, and styling.

Promote What You Do
For services, highlight a new technique, a specific service or promotion such as offering discounts for first-time clients, etc. For products, consider showcasing an item and posting about how to use it or the benefits that it provides. You can even offer a special promotion to help clear out any product overstock. Also, take a moment to ensure that you are following all brands on social that you carry in the salon, that way you can share their content and repost to each of your channels.

Post as many positive reviews about your salon as possible, citing who said it and when. These can be shared from review sites like Yelp or Google Reviews, screen captured from other posts or curated from your own email marketing efforts.

Be Inspirational
Consider posting occasional words of wisdom with inspirational quotes. There are many websites and social media pages that offer appropriate content. Share theirs, purchase stock imagery or create your own branded versions by adding your salon logo.

Be Consistent
If you are not able to make the time to manage your salon’s social media, assign the task to someone else. It can be the regular duties of your receptionist, a responsible assistant or anyone on staff who has the desire. Or, perhaps, you assign it on a rotating basis, so you get the benefit of multiple administrators. You can also hire an outside social media specialist to do it for you. Just remember to set standards and to give them the needed assets to keep up the posts and engage with followers.

Jim Bower is the founder of Rosy Salon Software and SalonInteractive, software solutions for eCommerce and digital supply chain management. He is a former salon and spa owner with over 30 years of experience in the industry.


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