Alyssa Lynn Von (@ladyvonbarber) captured the American Crew U.S. All-Star Challenge in 2015, an annual styling and photographic competition. Her most recent venture is promoting the work of other barbers and men’s groomers by taking tours of barbershops and sharing a behind-the-scenes look at these bastions of barbering.

Her first tour took her to Throne (@thronetraditionalbarbershopin) Portland, OR. Here is her interview with the owners and videos she shot on location:

 Throne Room

 “The owners of Throne, Sang Nguyen and Bobby O'Dell, combined their talents together to create a barbershop where everyone that walks in gets the royal treatment. 

“Sang is from Vietnam. After five years homeless, he left for the US, wanting a better life with his family. In 2002, Sang started cutting hair for his friends and family and eventually went to study at the Phagan's School of Hair Design in Portland. He never missed one day of school and would always stay late to get in his hours. "It's best to just get it done sooner! Sooner is better so you can start getting paid," Sang says. 

“Through mutual friends he met Bobby and after going through some tough times together, they brainstormed on a dream that became a goal that became Throne, which opened in December 2015.

 “A traditional barber shop, Throne delivers straight razor shaves, beard trims, with class and a modern twist.  Sang and Bobby work together on hiring. Sang, himself a barber, looks for great personality; he would rather hire someone with less experience but with chill vibes than a good barber with a bad attitude. Sang takes the time to make sure barbers become confident in their skills. He takes young barbers who are passionate like he was, and treats them like family.

 “There is someone always waiting in the lobby to get a fresh fade from these barbers but during the wait, they are offered a drink, they can pull up a stool, kick back and watch TV or watch the barbers, hard at work. When it's your turn, they treat you like a king. They have all sorts of clients walking in from locals, pro athletes, and Nike employees (since Portland is the birthplace of Nike).

 “Bobby likes to be behind-the-scenes and gives all the stage and credit to his barbers. You can tell he cares for them and wants the very best for them. And that's why they are opening another barbershop soon in another hip, cool, location in Portland, in North Williams.”



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Originally posted on Modern Salon