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There’s a cute little guy just about to rock up to these shores that knows exactly how color should be mixed, and – even better – he’s going to do all the work. The Ping, straight off the boat from Australia, is a salon-specific blender that takes all the ache and agony out of mixing color, and actually does a better job than hand-mixing.

Cool-looking, easy-to-clean and super-efficient, the Ping is destined to become the best-loved chap on the team. The snug-fitting, detachable mixing paddle at the heart of the Ping guarantees all product is gently stirred at just the right speed, resulting in a creamy, consistent mix; plus it is automated so it knows exactly when to stop, avoiding oxidization, which can dilute colors.

The first product of its kind, it ensures colors and tint bond with peroxides when combined and its unique design helps aerate colors, making them creamier and fluffier so they go further, saving the salon money.

One of the first hairdressers to try out the Ping was California-based Instagram-favorite Jessica Warburton.

"I love my Ping! As a cancer survivor who went through heavy chemo, I was left with nerve damage in my hands and feet. Sometimes holding small mixing whisks can be tough so this cuts time down for me," Warburton says. "Plus, the consistency of the product is incredible, and I use less product, saving me time and money."

The Ping is the latest innovation from Ecoheads, which has been busy improving the backwash experience for clients and stylists over the past few months. The Ping takes just seconds to prep tint and peroxide, saving time for any colorist. It also ventilates as it mixes so the team are spared any fumes from the product, and it helps reduce strain on the wrists.

"The Ping has been developed by hairdressers who know exactly what is required by busy stylists and colorists. Its functionality is superb, but it also looks super-cool so it will fit right in on any open dispensary, especially as it traps all odors," explains Ecoheads' Valorie Reavis. "In Australia, salons are actually letting it mix up in front of clients so they can see their color being prepped."

The Ping has a special magnetic safety closing mechanism, ensuring it can’t start mixing until the unit is firmly in place. It is also has USB charging and dual mixing times and is super-easy to clean. It comes with four color-coordinated bowls, and the option of adding more.

The Ping comes with a detachable blade, four bowls and four brushes and retails for $150. Click here for more information.

About Ecoheads: Australian-born Ecoheads is a young, innovative company that is reinventing salon tools to help hair professionals raise their game while looking out for the environment. Starting with water-saving technology endorsed by government agencies, Ecoheads is constantly looking to expand its portfolio of stylist-centric technology. Bang Face Shields, for stylists serious about precision cutting and client comfort, protect clients from stray color, loose hair fragments, hairspray and excessive heat, while the Ping color mixer is for colorists who want more from their color products and are tired of huffing fumes. Now distributed throughout the world, Ecoheads brings a refreshing approach to tools for the professional, ensuring no need for sacrifice to provide beautiful work, for stylists or our planet.

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