ColorProof Transforming Ocean-Bound Plastic Into Packaging

ColorProof Color Care Authority is announcing that it will begin to produce ColorProof plastic bottles using 10% ocean-bound up-cycled plastic, transforming ordinary waste into an extraordinary solution.

In partnership with recycling and packaging experts, Envision Plastics, this eco-initiative takes plastic at risk of entering the oceans and transforms it into resin pellets that will be mixed with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and molded into ColorProof bottles. The commitment to sourcing a portion of packaging from up-cycling plastics at risk of entering the oceans is part of ColorProof Color Care Authority’s corporate social responsibility initiative to act sustainably and proof that alternatives to using virgin materials do exist.

According to the Plastic Oceans Foundation, approximately 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year, eight million of which enter the world’s oceans as waste. The failure to clean up the plastic and stop the pollution is resulting in the extinction of marine life and contributing to the disturbance of entire ecosystems.

“We must act sustainably, we can’t afford not to,” says ColorProof Founder and Product Developer, Jim Markham. “Microplastic pollution in our oceans is a reality that is not going away. Being headquartered in a coastal community reminds us daily that as a society we must change the way we produce and consume to preserve the earth for future generations. We know that our company alone can’t clean up the oceans; however, we can do our part to raise awareness about the issue and demonstrate smart ways to reuse existing plastics to reduce pollution.”

To further shed light on this important topic and educate consumers, ColorProof developed a special logo that will live on its packaging beginning February 2018. ‘Ocean-Minded Color Care’ will be the first theme to debut within the 2018 ‘Go Beyond Brilliant Campaign’ which brings to life ColorProof’s unique ingredient story, its ties to nature and the benefits for color-treated hair.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon