What If You Came With Operating Instructions?

 I don’t like ironing clothes. I own an iron, but not sure where it is. Recently, I bought a handheld steam iron advertised as “ironing for dummies.” I plugged it in and steam would not come out. I tapped it, shook it, held it upside down, turned it off/on—nothing. Next, I discovered a small document entitled, “Operating Instructions—read this before engaging for optimum results.” I did, and it did. 

 Then, it came to me. What if we came with operating instructions? Imagine if everyone first handed you a list of what makes them tick and that which ticks them off. You would instantly know what takes years to uncover. It would be priceless in the salon. Writing my operating instructions made me more self aware of myself.  

What makes me tick: 

~I like the salon to flow, disarray makes me edgy. An orderly system from client arrival to departure allows me to deliver the best customer service.

~I am motivated when team members put out good work, it doesn’t have to be super trendy, but there should be an obvious imprint that shows you gave it your best. 

~I like to chat with the team during down times— lite chat, very few details on your personal life, just because it’s none of my business. It's cool for you to vent with me about that awful client you just saw. Yeah, go ahead and complain with me. I will understand and urge you to let it go and think about all your fabulous clients

~I like to laugh. Funnies during the day is the second wind I need to get to the finish line. 

~I get inspired if anyone walks in with “a look.” A way of dressing and being that shows they care to make a statement. Bring it on. 

~This sounds cliche, but I like to share and am grateful for any tips on how I can do my job better. 

~I am a good loner and mostly private. I occasionally sit down and space out. Like computers, I need to download information. 

~I love crockpot Fridays— always busts my diet, but I love it. 

 What ticks me off: 

~Disorganization, leaving tools, towels, foils, food in shared areas. ~Respect that we are all sharing the same space,

~Don’t bother talking about someone not in the room, unless planning a surprise birthday party. 

~Don’t address my clients with the same familiarity you talk to me. You don’t know them and they want their space. 

~Don’t be late. If not fifteen minutes early, you are late. 

~Don’t come to work with pneumonia.

~Not sure why loud music, voices bother me in the salon. 

~Sneakiness. If you disagree with a salon policy, take it up with the manager, not in the back room.

What would you hand someone as your operating instructions? 

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Originally posted on Modern Salon