Master Your Time Management This Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful, but busy, time of year. As a salon owner, it’s easy to burn out with everything on your to-do list. Here are some tips from Millennium S.I. to save time during the holidays so you can be as efficient and profitable as possible.


From gift cards, to deep conditioners, to holiday retail, make sure your inventory is ordered and ready for the holiday rush. You don’t want to be in panic mode when a product goes out of stock quicker than anticipated. As a starting point, use your software reporting to find last year’s numbers to ensure you are fully-stocked and ready to meet demands.

Scheduling Employees

As a salon owner or manager, there are several operational tasks that your business needs to function smoothly, such as payroll and employee scheduling. To save time during the holidays, have your employees scheduled throughout the end of the year so it’s one less thing on your list. Providing schedules well in advance also provides your team with enough time to balance work and family time


To save time on your marketing efforts, set and forget your emails and social media posts. This requires designing all your holiday email campaigns and social media posts regarding holiday services and promotions in advance. Try free design tools such as Canva or Pic Monkey to make your marketing stands out from the rest.

After they are created, schedule your emails and Facebook posts so your clients see them several times during the holiday season. Since you can’t schedule Instagram posts (yet), set a reminder on your calendar or in your phone to remind you to post.

Time Management Tips

With the right amount of preparation and time management, the holiday season can be a busy, yet profitable, time for your business. Preparing things like schedules, marketing, and inventory in advance can help you focus more on what the holiday season is all about—giving, cheer, and holiday spirit—instead of running around in chaos. Need even more tips to stay on top of your business until the end of year? Millennium S.I. has created free downloadable guide with everything you need to stay efficient this holiday season.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon