Ecoheads is achieving excellence with the latest enhancements to its water-saving showerhead, and the first to benefit will be Kevin Murphy salons following a landmark agreement between the two eco-minded brands.

The Australian eco-focused haircare brand has signed up with Ecoheads, becoming the first manufacturer to urge the industry to embrace the water-saving showerhead designed for professional salon use. Thousands of salons around the U.S. adhere to Kevin Murphy's ethos and his emphasis on sustainable beauty, and now he is actively encouraging them to think about how much fresh water they use every day and to work to reduce it. The Ecoheads showerhead is fundamental to his campaign.

"Water is essential to our core business but for the sake of the environment and the future of our planet we need to think about how much we use," Murphy says. "Just one average basin will use 150 gallons of water a day, the equivalent of 780 bottles. Simply installing Ecoheads showerheads in the basin can save up to 65 per cent of that water, while improving water pressure. That’s about 98 gallons of water per basin per day."

Kevin Murphy salons will be the first to receive the new Ecoheads design, with a list of upgraded features to enhance the overall performance and experience. Slightly smaller, making it even easier to hold, it also has a new proprietary tourmaline bead compound to further reduce chlorine levels, a second set of anti-bacterial mineral filters that complements the tourmaline stones and a new plastic finish that reduces the amount of energy used during manufacturing.

"We’ve been developing the new design to make our Ecoheads even more stylish and effective," explains Ecoheads US owner Paul Tate. "Ecoheads is a trusted brand marrying uncompromising care of the environment with uncompromising attention to detail. Our new design continues to save salons up to 65% of water used at the basin while reducing our own manufacturing impact on the environment. Performance has gone up a notch with greater efficiency, comfort and style."

The ability to remove sediment and chlorine from water was an added bonus for Kevin Murphy, but ultimately it is Ecoheads’ role in cutting fresh water wastage that most appealed.

"Water shortages are not going away and the cost of energy and water keeps on rising, so I’ve been urging everyone to join me in adopting this innovative product," Murphy says.

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