Karen Gordon, Terri Wojak, Steve Reiss and Jojo Kazarian
Karen Gordon, Terri Wojak, Steve Reiss and Jojo Kazarian

The Event:
MODERN SALON's 2017 HAIR+ Meet Up at America's Beauty Show, Sunday, March 26 from 12-1:30 p.m.

The Details:
ABS attendees gathered Sunday afternoon to hear from four industry professionals on the topic of hair loss, trichology and extensions. Speakers included:

The Takeaways:
Each speaker shared a different perspective and skill set for the world of hair loss, trichology and enhancements. Gordon spoke to attendees as a budding trichologist who is very interested in the scientific aspect of hair loss and cautions that stylists need to have a passion for learning and advanced education to delve into this segment.

"You've got to like a little bit of science, and you've got to be ready to study," Gordon said. She said becoming a trichologist typically involves about a week of clinical time, and that "tricho-lite," or basic scalp health, is a good place to start.

Another good place to start is with the exclusive HAIR+ research, which Reiss presented. One of the biggest a-ha moments from the research is the discovery that clients are seeking preventative measures for hair loss before it becomes a major issue; so being able to open the dialogue with a client who might not yet have serious thinning can be as important as helping a client who has significant thinning or loss. 

"We need to be able to have better dialogue with our clients, and we need to be better educated," Gordon said. 

Kazarian offered insight into another aspect of the HAIR+ category by sharing his experiences as an extensions specialist for 18 years. He suggested doing research to see what company, system and education makes the most sense for you, and to keep track of costs in order to maintain profitability. 

"As time goes on, all these things evolve," Kazarian said. "The main thing is to change and evolve with it."

Closing out the presentations, Wojak helped stylists understand a more technical and medical side of hair thinning and hair loss. Author of Mastering Medical Esthetics and Aesthetics Exposed: Skin Care in a Medical Setting & Beyond, Wojak has 20 years experience building the bridge between salons, spas and cosmetic medicine. 

Wojak suggested using an intake form with clients, especially new clients, if you find broaching the topic of hair thinning and loss is difficult. Simply including a check-yes-or-no section asking if the client has noticed or is concerned about hair thinning is an easy way to create a dialogue. 

The HAIR+ Meet Up was a glimpse at the type of content covered in MODERN SALON's annual HAIR+ Summit in Atlanta. The summit examines the HAIR+ category from all angles.

"If anyone is serious about learning about hair loss, the HAIR+ Summit is a wonderful, wonderful event to go to," Gordon said. 

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