NovaLash's 2017 class of Brand Ambassadors.
NovaLash's 2017 class of Brand Ambassadors.

This year, NovaLash welcomes its NovaLash’s 2017 class of Brand Ambassadors (BAs). The 18 members of this hand-selected group of elite lash artists from around the world represent NovaLash whether it be in the press or at trade shows.

BAs are extremely experienced and not only lash, but some own their own salon or educate upcoming artists.

“Once a year, founder Sophy Merszei and a few industry leaders, come together and evaluate the work of lash artists who applied to be a BA,” says Vanessa Max, project and product development coordinator, NovaLash. “Out of many who apply, we only chose the very best to represent NovaLash and the extension industry.”

Max likes to refer to the ambassadors as “mini-Sophys” because they are also the faces of NovaLash. Each member is responsible to excite and educate everyone they can on NovaLash and its products.

To become a BA, the lash artist applicant must be NovaLash certified. Then the criteria are as followed: someone who loves lashing and has a fun, yet professional image; they carry the full line of NovaLash products; and are active members in social media. To apply, the lash artist must submit images and fill out a questionnaire by the deadline.

Fotini Fillini
Fotini Fillini

The 2017 class includes a handful of new ambassadors as well as several returning ones, such as Fotini Filini, IL and Bianca Martinez, AZ.

Filini has been as cosmetologist since 1989. Although she loved doing meticulous hair styling, it was while she was working in the salon that she decided to look into a new niche.

“One of the other hairstylists said to me, ‘you love tedious work and you’re so patient. I bet you’d be so good at doing lash extensions,’” Filini says. “At the time, I didn’t even know what lash extensions were, let alone why this girl thought I could be good at them. Then she showed me NovaLash’s ad in MODERN SALON and I was mesmerized. What were they? How did they put them on? How long did they last? I had so many questions and from then on I started researching as many lash companies as I could find. It seemed that NovaLash was the only one who kept winning awards over and over again. That’s when I decided to become NovaLash certified. It was the best choice I ever made in my life.”

The BA program began in 2015. That same year, Martinez won Lash Artist of the year, NovaLash’s annual lashing competition, which is celebrated at the BA’s annual meet-up each year during the LashOff award ceremony in Houston, Texas. Winning the competition was an automatic ticket to become an ambassador. She has been a BA each year since.

“Looking back 12 years ago at when I first started, I wouldn't have been able to imagine the success and heights that NovaLash has allowed me to achieve,” Martinez says. “In 2014 I won title for Fan’s Choice, 2015 won title for Lash Artist of the Year and BA, and remained a BA in the years since. My business has grown exponentially with NovaLash. My beginnings weren't easy but I'm so grateful for where I am today.”

Martinez says being a BA given her countless opportunities such as travel, being the first to receive new products, priceless exposure in beauty publications such as MODERN SALON and more, all helping the artists build their credentials and grow their businesses. Filini adds that the team gets to show others how NovaLash’s technique is different than others at trade shows, both internationally and domestically, and other events.

Bianca Martinez
Bianca Martinez

“As an ambassador, you are considered the best of the best,” Filini says. “Other lash artists look to you for your expert tips and tricks and even ask for mentoring. I love helping others because it makes me feel good inside. I feel better as a person to help someone do better, and that is not to say that I have stopped learning either. Life is a never ending lesson. As an ambassador, I have met many people who have inspired me with their talent. There is so much talent out there!  It feels awesome to be part of the team who is on top on a global scale.”

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