8 Hi-Tech Ways to Get Your Team on Board

Millennials hate being called Millennials. It’s a label, and no one likes to be labeled.

But there are some similarities within each generation. Let’s face it, few people over 70 are Snapchatting, while those born since the 1990s have, most likely, been sharing their lives online for at least a decade. Those young people, unafraid of constant public disclosure, now make up a huge segment of the workforce so it’s time to start engaging with them on their terms.

They know technology and, more importantly, they like using it. And while many salons have got a handle on using technology to communicate with guests, there are still some that need to recognize its fabulous potential as a tool to engage directly with their teams and make sure they stay on board and on message.

  1. Younger employees love their phone, so give them access and control of their appointment book on their favorite device. It means they can glance at who they are seeing next without crowding out the reception area, and even book their client’s next appointment before the person leaves the chair.
  1. They are the best people to encourage clients to embrace technology and, given the chance, they will delight in showing clients how to book online or help them upload the salon app. It creates a bond between client and employee.
  1. Collecting data for the client profile cards on a smart phone makes it easier for stylist or therapist to record flawless client data, rather than relying on a written form filled out in reception. Clients also will feel more comfortable giving information directly to someone they know, like and trust.
  1. Collecting the exact information on the spot also ensures feedback requests (part of Shortcut’s Set & Forget suite) are sent out automatically, allowing the salon to pre-empt any negativity and to deal with it before the client goes public. Timely communications make ALL the difference to getting positive feedback.
  1. Giving the team on-the-spot access to client information makes it easy for them to check likes and dislikes of their next client every time, helping them improve the salon experience for the client.
  1. Encouraging your team to photograph their work and saving it into the client information card builds a pictorial record of how the client’s look has progressed over time. More than a useful reminder for the stylist or make-up artist, it is a great consultation tool.
  1. Which leads us onto the selfie – the love of the selfie is the best thing to happen to the beauty industry, and your tech-savvy team will be bang up to date on the latest way to enhance it. They’ll know how to capture movement on Boomerang or add flowers on Instagram. So let them help you embrace innovations. And as well as encouraging their clients to post their new look, they’ll also make sure they tag the salon. It’s the perfect marketing tool.
  1. Finally, sharing across the networks is also the perfect way for your youthful team to showcase their work, satisfying that urge to live their lives in the glare of the public eye, and for you to engage with them. According to researchers, this generation needs constant affirmation, recognition that what they are doing is right, so reach out to them, individually, on the networks and pat them on the back in the most public of ways. They will love it.

Richard Wildey is general manager of Shortcuts Software, which provides intuitive technology solutions to more than 14,000 clients in the hair and grooming industries worldwide. As well as providing stylish point of sale systems, Shortcuts sets itself apart by offering a complete online marketing solution built into the system, and personlized client support 24/7. For more information on Shortcuts, visit www.shortcuts.net   


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