In what might be the best closing to a business conference ever, Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani inspired more than 1,400 salon owners, managers and stylists at Serious Business 2017—getting them on their feet and singing in New Orleans’ Orpheum Theater, many with the smartphones in hand trying to capture the moment.

Lakhiani’s presentation on “The 7 Keys to Attracting Amazing Talent and Building a Powerful Culture,” was enough to get the audience on their feet. But instead of just telling them about the power of positivity in driving culture, he showed them. Lakhiani divided the audience, including the attendees in the theater’s two balconies, and conducted them in their own rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

“It’s hard to explain how motivational it is to have a speaker lead an audience of that size in song,” says Kitty Tierney, owner of Impressions in Mequon, WI. “We were so mesmerized and inspired, and we were singing that song all evening. It was just the perfect way to end the conference.”

“The message of his presentation was how to live your life in Blissipline and how positivity can be contagious. Vishen used the last 12 minutes of his talk to demonstrate it, by doing exactly what he does for his team at Mindvalley,” says Gayle Fulbright, owner of Headlines The Salon in Encinitas, CA. “He left us in a state of euphoria. He exudes that energy in his message—he was so authentic.”

Experience the moment, or relive it, by watching the video above. (Video by Jon Soble for Salon Today.)

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