Shannon King conducts a training session at Hair and Co BKLYN.
Shannon King conducts a training session at Hair and Co BKLYN.

What does a salon need to be strong in color and styling? Incredible color and styling products!

It’s important to use ALL of your possible resources to bring training to your team. Think about how you can hold a fun training with lots of new information, as well as who can deliver the clearest information for your gang. In order to keep our training fun, we held the first one in the game room of our building with arcade games and burgers, fries, and shakes for lunch.

It’s all about the content: The goal here is content, content, content. It’s important to take into consideration the gradient of all of the learners combined, especially when it comes to color or chemical training. Take nothing for granted and use this as an opportunity to start fresh. We literally went back to beauty school refreshing everyone on the color wheel, natural levels, undertones, and different types of pigment and melanin when it came to color. 

Being in Brooklyn, we wanted to truly be the expert of all the textures, types, and fabrics of hair that make up Brooklyn. I think back to beauty school and remember the lack of true styling education and having to learn by trial, error, and sometimes fire. At Hair & Co BKLYN, it was important to have a system to train the team on styling any type of hair and offering the right tools to take home, so our clients always have what they need to look their best always.

To support the training in our salon we had three key areas in mind:

Repeat reminders:  Time to lean is time to learn… Take any and every spontaneous opportunity to get together and go over new information. Refresh yourselves with recent knowledge, or think about new ways to collaborate and to bring old info to life again. 

All stations ARE created equal: We’ve made the investment to have a uniformed look and function at all of the styling stations with one brand of professional styling tools to support our styling training. We chose the partner we felt provided the best styling tools at arms reach for every stylist.

It’s a colorful world: Keep up the training momentum as long and as often as possible.

Invest in quad color mannequin heads and lots of color swatches to perform dye outs on. The next step is to get prepared for our first color event and introduce our color services to the community. Our color wall is on the prominent wall in the salon, ad we huddle around it often to discuss color formulations and ideas. 

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Shannon and Allyson King, owners of Hair and Co. BKLYN

After 20+ years of achieving heights in the professional beauty industry, husband and wife duo Shannon and Allyson King decided to open a multi-cultural salon in Brooklyn, New York. As the couple build Hair & Co BKLYN, they’ve blogged about it for Salon Today. Catch up on their past blogs:

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