How to Motivate Your Employees with Goals

How are you motivating your staff to increase their service ticket and total sales? What drives them to up-sell, promote add-ons, or sell product? Your answer to these questions should be goals. Goals help maintain a forward-focus on growth. Without goals, what are you working towards, and how is it measured? Creating goals is essential to increasing your bottom line and maintaining business growth.

Be realistic when creating goals. Start small. Don’t create a goal that you know is out of reach; you will be left feeling frustrated and defeated. Use the “S.M.A.R.T” method – which is setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound goals.

Teach your staff the growth indicators and their importance. For example, set a goal to increase their frequency of visit (FOV) by one within the next four months. This gives them a specific, measurable, and time-bound goal. Now, based on the education you provided, this will be attainable and realistic because they will know that pre-booking will improve their FOV. For more information on the growth indicators and the full version of this article, click here.

In order to successfully implement goals, you must build a culture around them. Be transparent with your team when communicating the purpose of your goals so that they feel confident working towards them. You must provide your team with the education and tools they need to succeed and help them to attain their goals, while continually following up to make sure that they have everything they need to meet or exceed them.

Once you have determined the goals for your business and staff, how do you motivate your team to work towards them? Create friendly competitions among your team, as well as individually, and incentivize them with rewards. Get creative and make it fun!

When done properly, creating realistic goals will help improve your bottom line. Consistently monitor them and track progress. If goals are not being met, determine the root cause and find ways to help your staff to eventually reach them.

By effectively communicating the purpose of goals and the impact they can have on your business, you can increase your bottom line and improve the health of your business. For a more in-depth article on how to motivate employees with goals, please download this free guide.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon