Remodel Your Salon and Change Your Image

Have you considered upgrading your salon, expanding or even moving into a new space, but wondered if now is the right time? This might be the best time to start planning an image upgrade and a salon remodel. Many things have changed in the way we conduct business in the salon environment. The once loyal customer is looking for value, better customer service and the ability to shop closer to home to better manage work and family. These changes in the way people do business will have reaching effects, and don’t look for them to disappear overnight.

The marketing in the salon, your budgeting and how you manage customers and staff has to adapt for business survival.  You can’t expect your business to strive and do well without changing yourself. The longer you wait and hope for business to grow in any way means that the current appearance of your salon may start to look dated, tired and even dirty to your customers. Once your salon reaches this point, it may be too late. The longer you wait to make change the more it will cost you in construction and improvements to catch up to your competition.

While the thought of investing in a remodel can be overwhelming, don’t let your fears get the best of you. If things are slow use this time to focus on your salon remodel and new image for your salon business.

What’s your budget? There are many ways to change the look of a salon. The cost does not have to be in the tens of thousands. Whether your budget is $1,000, $20,000 or $100,000 most changes will significantly increase business within the first year of the remodel. These changes will keep your salon looking fresh and ahead of your competition. Your customers will appreciate it and so will your staff.

Remodeling your salon on a tight budget!

Mr. Clean: The best way to make your salon look fresh and give it a new look is with a deep clean. You can button your boot straps and put on a fresh set of gloves and get down to business or hire a commercial cleaning service. We suggest a commercial cleaning service. They will get into every corner of your business and wipe away years of grime. This will give your salon a fresh appearance that your customer will notice. Plus a nice fresh floor waxing will make any salon look new.

It’s a “bright” lite: Replace every bulb in your salon. Light levels in bulbs and florescent bulbs tend to be less bright or give off a brownish glare after a couple of years. Changing your bulbs will brighten up the way everything in your salon looks. Light brings life! There are many equipment companies today that sell LED bulbs that not only enhance the amount of white light in your salon but also assist in lowering your energy bills.

Bring in new products: Changing your salon doesn’t always have to be with a paint brush and a hammer. Bring in new products, change your shelving and show your customers you are committed to the beauty industry by introducing them to cutting edge new beauty products.

Look up: If your ceiling is dirty or has water stains either give it a coat of paint or change out the stained ceiling tiles. The worst thing is when you are getting your hair shampooed and you look up and see a water-stained ceiling. This is a sign of true neglect in a salon.

Your “door” to success: The first thing and last thing your staff and customers see when walking in your salon is your front door.  Your front door should always be clean. If it’s wood give it a fresh coat of paint. If it’s full glass you may want to put your name, logo and hours on the door. This is a very inexpensive way to make change that everyone will notice.

 Painting is like giving your salon a new life: Even without going deep into the science, just looking around your business with fresh eyes can help you determine if you’re providing a pleasing environment that makes your staff comfortable and allows them to concentrate and do their best work. Even for your own happiness, how does your salon business compare to your home environment? You probably spend more waking hours at work than at home — are you treating yourself, customers and staff to a sufficiently nice place to be? Is the experience what you would expect it to be when you’re out having services done?

If your clients are likely to visit your place of business, they offer perhaps the most important perspective to consider. If you were a client, how welcoming, clean, and up-to-date does your business look?

As is true with a home, a fresh coat of paint or more involved treatment of the walls in a salon or spa environment can have a dramatic effect at a relatively low cost. You can help your business make the right impression with your clients, give you a more pleasing place to work, and make you a hero to your employees by updating and beautifying the place where they spend many hours.

 Is it time for new equipment: Salon equipment is normally built to last but there comes a time when you just have to say goodbye to those old styling chairs and Formica styling stations. If you take an inventory of your salon equipment and your styling chairs are ripped or the hydraulics no longer work and you have tape holding together the Formica on your styling stations it’s time to make some changes. If you think your clients and staff don’t see this, you’re wrong.

Fashion changes every minute of the day. What colors and styles that were in this summer are gone in the fall. Your salon should be no different. If you want your salon to be progressive you have to always be ahead of the curve. Beauty equipment manufacturers are striving today to keep up with new style trends. Formica styling stations are a thing of the past. Stone surfaces, concrete counter tops, reclaimed wood and stainless steel are hot in the trendy salons today. No longer do you have to pay a fortune for styling chairs. Good quality styling chairs can be found online at reputable beauty equipment companies.  Changing equipment no longer requires you to take a second mortgage on your house. Take your time, shop on line and replace sections of your salon as you need it. Change is good and believe me your staff and clients will surely notice and appreciate it.

Things to remember when starting you remodeling project

  • Let customers know about what’s going on and what to expect.
  • If you have a plan for a new design and layout, frame it and display for all to see.
  • Set a budget and keep to it.
  • Plan for delays. Murphy’s Law may or may not strike your salon remodel, but anticipate delays
  • If money is needed from your banker, work out all details before you think about starting your remodel project.
  • Box all things that may be in the way of contractors and equipment installers
  • Plan your all clients’ appointments around work schedules.
  • Plan that major construction or your new equipment install at night or when you are closed.


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