Glamiris of Butterfly Circus Offers Instagram Tips

Butterfly Circus artist educators share their favorite social media tips and successes.

Iris Smith
LUX Salon in
Stockton, CA

Where to find her: @Glamiris on Instagram

Followers: 145K

Known for: “Creating versatile work and major color transformations, including color corrective and balayage classes.”

On joining the circus: “I’ve met so many other educators and artists and that’s made me realize how much we are growing together as a whole through sharing and teaching our specialties with our peers and each other.”

Frequency: 1-3 times per day

When posts are most successful: “In the morning before people start their day and after dinner when people are at home scrolling through their feed.”

Favorite Apps: “Face Tune to blur out busy or distracting backgrounds, which allows the hair to be the focus.”

Social media tip: “Stay true to yourself and what you believe in and make it your brand. Stay consistent. Remain humble regardless of how large your following becomes.”

Favorite post: “The most recent viral post is of one of my favorite color creations by far using Pulp Riot Haircolor. It’s vibrant—the contrast between a rich color melting into a soft pastel-like silvery lavender always catches the light.”

Iris's favorite post is a silvery lavender pastel she created using Pulp Riot.

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