Jay Wesley Olson of Butterfly Circus Offers Instagram Tips

Jay Wesley Olson
The Bespoke Salon of Scottsdale, Arizona

Where to find him: @jaywesleyolson on Instagram

Followers: 93K

Specialty: Balayage techniques and progressive color

On joining the circus: “It’s an amazing platform and it’s very progressive for industry education. It’s opened up so many doors and has let me connect with hairdressers I otherwise wouldn’t have. It’s such a progressive environment that captures what hairdressers want right now.”

Frequency: “Once a day.”

When posts are most successful: “I don’t put much thinking into what time, I just make sure that my followers are awake on both the east and west coasts.”

Favorite apps: “I don’t use much more for my posts than the sharpening tool on Instagram.”

Social media tip: “Be positive, have class, express yourself by being you! Stand behind that and make your mark.”

Favorite post: “My favorite post is a process picture. I like to see the how and the why. Other than that, I just appreciate a beautiful picture.”

Olson likes to post pictures that show the process of a color technique.

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