Ash Fortis of Butterfly Circus Offers Instagram Tips

Ash Fortis
Xo Hair Studio in
Virginia Beach, VA

Where to find her: @XoStylistXo on Instagram

Followers: 129K

Specialty: “Custom tailoring hair—I love being able to give clients one-of-a-kind hair.”

Known for: “Creative Color, Hologram Hair, Hair Feathers and Hair Marbling.”

On joining the circus: “It’s grown my career in so many ways. It’s given me an awesome opportunity to connect with amazing stylists, to share my passions, my story and my art.”

Frequency: “I post daily and have been working towards more balance and great content.”

When posts are most successful: “Hmmm, that’s a tough one. Honestly, I would think about the times you look at your phone—morning, noon, and night, LOL!”

Favorite Apps: “I love a few video apps, such as iMovie and Tempo.”

Social media tip: “Stay true and organic to who you are. Focus on your goals and nothing else.”

Favorite post: “Moon Stone is an awesome classic. I posted this roughly 9-10 months ago when the trend of smoky tones and neon pastels were just emerging. That was part of my hologram collection. I also combined my signature feathers, and it was an awesome hit.”

Ash Fortis' favorite viral post debuted Moon Stone, a trend of smoky tones and neon pastels.

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