Sonya Dove, co-owner of the Doves Studio by DNA, boosted her service sales by carving out an...
Sonya Dove, co-owner of the Doves Studio by DNA, boosted her service sales by carving out an expertise with hair extensions. Here, she models Hairdreams' Quikkies which give her bob added fullness. Image by Nicolas Troncin.

When a salon’s service providers start reaching full productivity, an owner’s usual next step is to mentally start envisioning his or her brand in a bigger location or an additional one. But the smartest course to profitability lies in first maxing out what you can sell at your existing location.

For a salon, that can mean extending hours and split-shifting. But another way to achieve higher sales and profits comes through focusing on the service menu—honing the teams’ skills and developing service specialties, expanding with new service categories, and designing and marketing upgraded options within each menu category.

Salons realize higher ticket averages on clients that have patronized them for years, all without adding to overhead; clients find new solutions to their biggest beauty issues; and stylists go home with heftier paychecks.

There are multiple opportunities for salon owners to expand their service menus, but for this story five areas are highlighted: extension services, hair treatments, nail services, lash extensions and thinning-hair solutions. Using these categories, our smart salon specialists show you how they are maximizing their service sales.

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