Healthy Hairdresser Hero: Anthony Barnhill

“Late last year, I was feeling like I wasn’t where I wanted to be—either personally or professionally,” says Anthony Barnhill, nominated as a Healthy Hairdresser Hero by this month’s Healthy Hairdresser sponsor, Malibu C

“When I took a hard look at my life and really evaluated my situation, I realized I’ve accomplished more than I’d given myself credit for and was in a much better place than I thought," says Barnhill, a Malibu C platform artist, certified wellness educator and a top independent stylist at Thairapy Lounge Salon & Color Studio in Oklahoma City. "Putting things into perspective helped me to shift how I approached health in the areas of body, spirit and even business, and helped me to push forward and continue to better myself. I’ve stepped up my exercise routine and also take the time to reflect on my day, which has really made a difference.”

Guilty pleasure: Coffee and everything coffee-related

Worst health habit: Not getting enough sleep. It can be an endless cycle.

Best time of day to exercise: Morning. I get to the gym by 6:30 a.m.

Favorite exercise: I like leg day.

Body position hairdressers should correct: Posture and arm positioning during a blowdry.

Favorite ways to nourish the spirit: Quiet time at the end of each day to reflect on that day and plan for the next.

Spiritual outlook: I’m a little bit of both religious and spiritual, and that combination enables me to incorporate actions and rituals into my daily life that helps me serve as a positive influence on those around me.

Best way to save cash: Cooking my own meals. I’ve probably paid off a credit card or two just by doing that.

Best professional skill: My verbal communication. In the consultation, I’m always candid with the client and set realistic expectations.

Best way to get new clients: Referrals.

Quickest way to rattle me professionally: Deny me an opportunity to learn and grow! I’m driven by a desire to refine my craft.

Health model: A client. She was feeling out of shape and then didn’t come in for a few months. When she returned, she was totally transformed. That showed me what dedication to health/wellness could do, and she pushed me to work out more regularly and harder than I ever did before.

Emotional rock: I never underestimate the power of my Boston terrier, Junebug. She’s a great listener but is terrible at giving advice.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon